21 Nautical Miles

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to a tasting event with Chopstick Fest at 21 Nautical Miles. I had never been to this restaurant before and I heard it was a hands on seafood experience, so this was intriguing for me. Jess and I are usually the type to not want to get our hands dirty, so we stay away from shelled seafood, but this seemed like a unique experience to try.

The restaurant is located in Yaletown on Hamilton, so parking is all metered along the streets. We were lucky enough to find a spot close to the front of the restaurant.


The area at the front of the restaurant usually has large boats with a table and seats inside, but on this particular day, they did not have them out. Pretty cool patio seating concept if you ask me!

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Panda Market – Your Ultimate Food Guide

…to ALMOST all of the food stalls!

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to partake in ChineseBites’ Panda Market event, which took place at none other than the Panda Market of course! Now you might be asking what is the Panda Market, but it’s actually something you (most likely) already know! It’s the night market that is located behind Home Depot, near Knight Bridge. Yes, it is now called the Panda Market, so it differentiates from the Richmond Night Market by the River Rock Casino.

We got to try foods and drinks from 22 different vendors, so grab some snacks and enjoy the ride!

Panda Market starts at 6:46

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