Poke Time on Robson

Hey everyone!

I’m so glad the long weekend has officially started! Even though the weather has been dreadful these days, I’m really looking forward to sleeping in each morning for the next couple of days!

I personally LOVE sushi and I crave it everyday. When I heard Poke Bowls were opening up in Vancouver Downtown, I was extremely stoked. One of the few that opened up so far is “Poke Time”. It’s located right on the street of Robson. The interior was very simple. They got bar seating against the walls.

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Ohana at Richmond Night Market

Hey everyone!

I seriously can’t believe summer is coming to an end. It’s very depressing just to think about it. BUT I’m glad the Richmond Night Market is still going to be open during the weekend until October 10th, 2016.

This year I went to the Richmond Night Market two times and BOTH times I decided to get the Salmon Poke from Ohana Poke. First time I tried it, it was amazing. People may think $8.00 for a small bowl of Poke is expensive but I really think you are paying for the quality. Night Market food was NEVER cheap anyways so for $8.00, you get this great quality bowl of poke and you can tell the people working there, such as “Cooking with Ben” treats his food like art. The way how they place their food in each bowl has a system and I love it. It’s consistent and each time I go there, I know it’s still going to be good.

The ingredients used worked perfectly together and the flavors mixed very well together. I love how the ingredients were fresh and visually it looked very appealing.


Overall I loved it and I would definitely go back again and again for this 🙂

Food: 5/5

Service: N/A

Price: $

Thanks for reading 🙂



Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

Hey everyone!

Phil and I love Shanghai food and we were stoked to see a new Shanghai restaurant open up in Richmond. When we got there, the exterior and interior of the restaurant was very unique! The exterior definitely gives off an Asian vibe and the interior was very well polished as well. The seating’s were very unique because they used royal blue coverings. Unfortunately, the seats look good but it was not comfortable at all. For me, it was fine but if you are heavier, like Phil, you definitely feel the bottom of the seats. His butt was sinking into the seat and he can feel the wood at the bottom.

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Panda Market – Your Ultimate Food Guide

…to ALMOST all of the food stalls!

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to partake in ChineseBites’ Panda Market event, which took place at none other than the Panda Market of course! Now you might be asking what is the Panda Market, but it’s actually something you (most likely) already know! It’s the night market that is located behind Home Depot, near Knight Bridge. Yes, it is now called the Panda Market, so it differentiates from the Richmond Night Market by the River Rock Casino.

We got to try foods and drinks from 22 different vendors, so grab some snacks and enjoy the ride!

Panda Market starts at 6:46

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Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

So this is a place that I’ve been going to from time to time with my colleagues for lunch whenever we’re in the area (and sometimes even when we’re not!). They are very popular and seem to be the go to spot for tradesmen of all sorts. It’s possible to get a table here for lunch without a reservation, but next to impossible for dinner. ALWAYS make a reso if you plan to have dinner here, otherwise don’t even bother going!

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Tapenade Bistro

Hey everyone!

I’m pretty sure everybody went out during the weekend and experienced the heat wave in Vancouver. It’s cooling down a bit now so hopefully the heat will pick up when weekend arrives! Phil and I are always on the lookout for a great patio to dine at. Last week we decided to try out Tapenade Bistro in Steveston, Richmond. They had outdoor seating outside but unfortunately the only available table they had out there had no umbrella. Therefore, we decided to move back inside.


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