Hey everyone!

Poke restaurants are opening up all over downtown and I’m so happy because I’m a huge Poke fan. The only downside for me is I only go Downtown once in a while. I really wish they’ll open up a Poke restaurant permanently in Richmond so I can get Poke all the time. I’ve been meaning to go grocery shopping soon so I can make my own Poke bowls for lunch, but since recently I have no time to shop.. Poke restaurants are great for people like me… people who don’t have a lot of time.

So I went to Pokerrito in Downtown, it is located on Dunsmuir. I went at night so there was barely a line. Apparently during lunch hours, it can get up to an hour wait… which is pretty ridiculous to me.. considering my lunch only consists of an hour.. and I would definitely not like to spend that hour stuck in a line.


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Poke Time on Robson

Hey everyone!

I’m so glad the long weekend has officially started! Even though the weather has been dreadful these days, I’m really looking forward to sleeping in each morning for the next couple of days!

I personally LOVE sushi and I crave it everyday. When I heard Poke Bowls were opening up in Vancouver Downtown, I was extremely stoked. One of the few that opened up so far is “Poke Time”. It’s located right on the street of Robson. The interior was very simple. They got bar seating against the walls.

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Ohana at Richmond Night Market

Hey everyone!

I seriously can’t believe summer is coming to an end. It’s very depressing just to think about it. BUT I’m glad the Richmond Night Market is still going to be open during the weekend until October 10th, 2016.

This year I went to the Richmond Night Market two times and BOTH times I decided to get the Salmon Poke from Ohana Poke. First time I tried it, it was amazing. People may think $8.00 for a small bowl of Poke is expensive but I really think you are paying for the quality. Night Market food was NEVER cheap anyways so for $8.00, you get this great quality bowl of poke and you can tell the people working there, such as “Cooking with Ben” treats his food like art. The way how they place their food in each bowl has a system and I love it. It’s consistent and each time I go there, I know it’s still going to be good.

The ingredients used worked perfectly together and the flavors mixed very well together. I love how the ingredients were fresh and visually it looked very appealing.


Overall I loved it and I would definitely go back again and again for this 🙂

Food: 5/5

Service: N/A

Price: $

Thanks for reading 🙂