Candy Tree Dessert

Hey everyone!

What a rainy Saturday! With the weather so ugly, lets talk about something on a brighter note. Last week, we were invited by Chinese Bites to a media tasting at Candy Tree Dessert. Its located in Burnaby along Kingsway. They have parking at the back and they also have street parking on the side. This place gets full fast at night. They don’t have a huge interior but I highly recommend coming here and try their desserts.. and once you read my reviews down below, you’ll know why!


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Tangram Creamery

Hey everyone,

Its the last day of August and its pouring cats and dogs outside. So I’m taking some time to recapture the good stuff that happened this Summer. Summer was full of ice-cream runs. One of the many memories include Tangram Creamery that is located in the Kitsilano area. When we first stepped in, it smelled AMAZING. Their home made cookie cones were to DIE for. The whole space smelt like a big giant cookie and it was great 🙂 They sell ice creams by the pint for $10.00. They have a full list of the different flavors available.

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Kul Cup

Hey everyone!

Last week we were invited by @pork_ninjas to a tasting event at Kul Cup. They are a new dessert place on Main & 12th Street.

With so many dessert places opening up, what makes them different. To start, they serve organic soft serve ice cream made from organic Avalon milk, Avalon whipped cream, milk power, sugar and stabilizer. Which is why their soft serve ice cream is extremely smooth and creamy.

They are opened from Wednesday- Monday 12pm-10pm. But during summer time, they are planning to open 7 days a week! So make good use of this and grab some awesome organic, healthy ice cream on a hot summer day!

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