After careful consideration, we have decided to give you guys a breakdown of what each rating means. 


2/5  Barely served 
3/5  Average customer service
4/5  Well-served
5/5  INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE 😀 (definitely deserves a good tip!)


1/5  this should not be considered as food
2/5  horrible food, will not return
3/5  pretty avg (ate better elsewhere but not terrible)
4/5  good food, very enjoyable
5/5  My tastebuds were in HEAVEN 0:P Definitely will go again & again & AGAIN!!


$  10 bucks & BELOW
$$  10-20 bucks
$$$  20-30 bucks
$$$$ 30-40 bucks
$$$$$  40 bucks & ABOVE

Pls be informed that we do NOT compare restaurants, we base our rating on their SERVICE & FOOD. Everything we base is upon our rating system which is listed above. We do not tend to give a restaurant a low rating value just because they had a very poor status on Urbanspoon or whatsoever. Each rating is from our own opinion and is averaged out from the rating between service and food which concludes to an overall rating. 
Pls note, zomato ratings for “sponsored” media tastings are always rated as 3/5 – since it requires a rating for all posts. On our blog we do not give a rating for “sponsored” events since we were invited to attend by either the restaurant or a 3rd party source. All opinions within the blog still remains honest and truthful based on our personal thoughts.