21 Nautical Miles

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to a tasting event with Chopstick Fest at 21 Nautical Miles. I had never been to this restaurant before and I heard it was a hands on seafood experience, so this was intriguing for me. Jess and I are usually the type to not want to get our hands dirty, so we stay away from shelled seafood, but this seemed like a unique experience to try.

The restaurant is located in Yaletown on Hamilton, so parking is all metered along the streets. We were lucky enough to find a spot close to the front of the restaurant.


The area at the front of the restaurant usually has large boats with a table and seats inside, but on this particular day, they did not have them out. Pretty cool patio seating concept if you ask me!

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Candy Tree Dessert

Hey everyone!

What a rainy Saturday! With the weather so ugly, lets talk about something on a brighter note. Last week, we were invited by Chinese Bites to a media tasting at Candy Tree Dessert. Its located in Burnaby along Kingsway. They have parking at the back and they also have street parking on the side. This place gets full fast at night. They don’t have a huge interior but I highly recommend coming here and try their desserts.. and once you read my reviews down below, you’ll know why!


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Kuma Izakaya

Hey everyone,

Near the end of July, we were invited by @sophiaeats to a media tasting at Kuma Izakaya. It’s a new Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant that is located on the steps of Yaletown. Yaletown is known for great food and stunning atmosphere and Kuma Izakaya is a great addition to the mix. Their interior is modern, sleek and clean. They are very close to the skytrain station so don’t worry about transportation. I would recommend taking transit because they have some pretty amazing alcoholic drinks there and i do not recommend drinking and driving!

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Porto Cafe

Hey everybody!

Coffee shops have been popping all over Vancouver for the past couple of years and there’s a new cafe that joined the category! Porto Cafe opened up not too long ago on the very end of Cambie before you hit the bridge to Downtown. We were invited by our friend @pork_ninjas to their tasting event! We were able to try out their different coffee options and also their pastries & breakfast sandwiches!

We first tried out their espresso. The espresso was categorized into three sections:

1- shot of espresso

2- crema

3-soda water

We were told the proper way of drinking espresso was to drink it in order.

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Kul Cup

Hey everyone!

Last week we were invited by @pork_ninjas to a tasting event at Kul Cup. They are a new dessert place on Main & 12th Street.

With so many dessert places opening up, what makes them different. To start, they serve organic soft serve ice cream made from organic Avalon milk, Avalon whipped cream, milk power, sugar and stabilizer. Which is why their soft serve ice cream is extremely smooth and creamy.

They are opened from Wednesday- Monday 12pm-10pm. But during summer time, they are planning to open 7 days a week! So make good use of this and grab some awesome organic, healthy ice cream on a hot summer day!

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Firebird Cafe

Hey Everyone,
This is the first post from the Chinese Bites VIP Program, as we were invited to try out Firebird Cafe alongside our good friend Eating with Kirby!
Jess and I had never been to Firebird before, but we’ve definitely dined at several other restaurants in the Continental Shopping Centre. Firebird is located almost next to Pearl Castle.

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Fondway Cafe

Hey everyone!

Before Christmas hit, a new Burnaby Taiwanese style cafe opened up across from Metrotown. This is no ordinary Taiwanese cafe because you’re probably thinking “bubble tea & popcorn chicken”. This is a legit cafe that serves, tea, coffee, sandwiches, waffles, etc. We were invited by Fondway Cafe & Chobee PR to their food media launch event and we were extremely excited to be able to attend. The whole restaurant was closed for this special media event so we had the whole place to check out and try their food & drinks.

When you first enter, on the right hand side, there is a whole wall filled with different types of tea. In front of each tea can, they include a description & price per grams. We were able to try out a few drinks they prepared for us and all of them were extremely delicious. When you smell the flavor, it smells very strong BUT the taste of the tea is very subtle.


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