Hey everyone!

Poke restaurants are opening up all over downtown and I’m so happy because I’m a huge Poke fan. The only downside for me is I only go Downtown once in a while. I really wish they’ll open up a Poke restaurant permanently in Richmond so I can get Poke all the time. I’ve been meaning to go grocery shopping soon so I can make my own Poke bowls for lunch, but since recently I have no time to shop.. Poke restaurants are great for people like me… people who don’t have a lot of time.

So I went to Pokerrito in Downtown, it is located on Dunsmuir. I went at night so there was barely a line. Apparently during lunch hours, it can get up to an hour wait… which is pretty ridiculous to me.. considering my lunch only consists of an hour.. and I would definitely not like to spend that hour stuck in a line.


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Hey everyone!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Fall Season… Can we just rewind back to June and start Summer all over again?

This Summer, a new restaurant opened up on West 4th. Raisu, the sister chain restaurant of Suika, Rajio and Kingyo. The restaurant is located on the second floor so it is easily missed if you are just driving or walking by! The interior was very nice, lots of natural light and they also had balcony seating! I recommend booking ahead of time if you are planning to come dine here because they do get full fast. Especially if you want to sit in the balcony seatings. My friends and I sat at the middle bar section. I love how they had bottles and bottles of drinks as displayed above us.


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Canucks Centre Ice Grill

Hey Everyone,

So during the season, I had the opportunity to catch a Canucks game with seats at the Centre Ice Grill! This is on the 400 level at Rogers Arena, between upper bowl and the 500 level suites. It’s essentially a restaurant/bar and only specific seats along the edge of the restaurant get an overlooking view at the ice. The staff there are pretty strict about people with seats on the inside of the restaurant trying to move to the edge for a view of the game. There’s two levels to the restaurant, and we were on the upper level.

Here’s the view from our seats:


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Earl of Sandwich – Las Vegas – Planet Hollywood

Hey Everyone,

Hello from Las Vegas! On our first day after arriving, we decided to hit up Earl of Sandwich for lunch, one of our favourite spots for a great sandwich in Vegas! It was conveniently located at Planet Hollywood, which was very walkable from where we stayed, The Signature at MGM Grand. 

Check out our vlog of day 1, including the visit to Earl of Sandwich!

This is a restaurant where you order at the counter, get a buzzer, then pick up your food later once your buzzer goes off.

Jess and I both got the Hawaiian BBQ $6.99. Apologies for the subpar photos, as we weren’t able to edit these before posting them!

Jess and I both consider this to be their best sandwich and is definitely our favourite. I’ve tried several other sandwiches from them, but when compared to the Hawaiian BBQ, the Hawaiian BBQ wins out every time as the flavour is just so awesome! It tastes like you’re eating a hawaiian pizza with bbq sauce in a sandwich, and it tastes as awesome as it sounds. The bbq sauce pairs perfectly with the hawaiian pizza ingredients, and their bread is just perfect for sandwiches. It’s slightly crispy on the outside, but the inside is soft and fluffy. The sandwich is filling as well, so one sandwich is often enough to satisfy hunger for at least a couple hours. For the price, this is a very good deal in Vegas, considering your other options at this price, and how healthy those are compared to this. I’m not a very health conscious guy when it comes to choosing what to eat, but whenever I find tasty food that’s not fast food, I make note of it!

They provide you with a few condiments at each table, which we did not touch at all. 

We got one drink to share since they don’t have a combo deal.

I highly recommend this place to everyone that comes to Vegas, as it is definitely going to be on your list of cheap eats to save some money while you’re here. They have great sandwiches and great prices. Although not all of their sandwiches are as amazing as the Hawaiian BBQ, it’s still a great place to eat for a quick cheap meal. It’s centrally located so it’s super convenient to get to if you’re staying on the strip. Earl of Sandwich is one of our favourites, and I’m sure it will be one of yours too!




Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
– Phil

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