Hey everyone,

If you guys read my blog on a frequent basis, you will know that I love sushi. I’ve heard many good things about Tojo’s but the one thing that stopped me from going was the price. It’s probably the most expensive sushi place I’ve dined at.  Every year, either my birthday or my bffs birthday, we will always treat each other out for some good food. This year around, I didn’t want to bring her to the usual steak houses, therefore i decided to bring her to Tojos. Both of us have never been to Tojos before, so we were really stoked to see how good this place was. The restaurant is located on Broadway & Spruce. Majority is pay parking around the area, so I suggest car pooling to share meter parking.

The interior was very simple and clean. They have really high ceilings and it was very spacious. The seatings were all padded and covered in this nice royal blue exterior and it was very comfortable to sit on. When we got there, the place was pretty busy with most of the tables filled up, but the noise volume of the restaurant maintained on a quieter note. You really feel like your sitting in a high class restaurant. Me, being the only person holding on to a DSLR camera with the shutter constantly making sounds when I click to take a photo, majority of the tables turned around just to see what I’m doing… But that didn’t stop me from taking some amazing photos during this dinner. The main chef, Hidekasu Tojo thought I worked for the media or something.. very funny man and he suggested next time around go sit at the bar so he can show us more and talk to us more about the food!

Cool fact: Apparently he’s the man who created the California roll!

First off, obviously we had to start our evening off with our favorite plum wine!

First up, we got the Tuna Tataki (Small $12.00)- lightly seared marinated local wild albacore tuna with ponzu sauce. This was a great appetizer. Its a very light dish but with a lot of flavor. The ponzu sauce paired very well with the lightly seared tuna and the tuna just melts in your mouth.

So they had an option on the menu called Omakase, which means its a selected course that the chef has decided based on the fresh ingredients of that day.
They had the following options:
$80.00 for five courses
$120.00 for Six courses and up
$225.00 Wagyu Dinner
All the pricing is PER person.
At first we weren’t planning to do this option because I thought both of us have to order this. But our server told us one of us can order this and the rest can be individual dishes. Therefore, we ordered one of the $80.00 omakase- five course meal.

1st dish: Tojos Tuna- Chefs signature dish- Tuna Sashimi with special sesame and wasabi sauce.

2nd Dish: Homemade Salad with smoke salmon with slightly cooked octopus and homemade mustard. This dish was very light and the addition of the homemade mustard just gave this dish a special kick of flavor.

3rd dish: Snapper fish with cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, dashe sauce (fish sauce). This dish had a lot of different layers and each bite was filled with juice. I thought the flavors paired with the juicy vegetables were over taking the natural flavors of the Snapper fish but overall still very delicious.

4th dish: Halibut Cheek, sauteed in a creme garlic teriyaki sauce. This reminds me a lot of a chinese dish. The sauce used tasted much like sweet and sour soy sauce. This dish was visually appealing and flavors were very good. 

5th dish: Assorted Sushi Platter. By this point of the meal, we were extremely full already, so majority of these sushi’s were packed home and was enjoyed later. Even though I ate it later in the night, it was still fresh and delicious!

We also ordered other dishes on the side, besides the 5 course meal. We got half Salmon sashimi & half Toro sashimi ($35.00). Their sashimi were super fresh and i can not get enough of their TORO. It was literally melting in our mouths.

We also got the Celebration 2010 Roll- crab, pineapple and asparagus with tuna, wild pacific salmon, red snapper, spinach and egg on top ($26.00). I thought this was pretty interesting and it was very neat how the exterior layer of the sushi had several different layers. It definitely shows the skills and effort they put into this dish.

We also got one other roll, which was the Northern Light Roll- Wild prawn tempura, avocado and seasonal fruit rolled in a cucumber crepe. Inspired by the Canadian northern Lights ($18.00). This was personally not my fave. I thought it was lacking flavor and I was not a huge fan of the cucumber crepe. I don’t think I would order this roll again if I were to go back.

Last but not least, we got dessert. This was a pear/strawberry jelly with red bean paste at the bottom. When you bite in to the jelly, you can taste the freshness of the fruits. I thought overall it was a very unique dish.

We definitely ordered WAY too much food for two. Overall it was super delicious and the service was amazing and attentive. This place is very expensive but overall I think it has a great atmosphere and amazing food & service, so its perfect to come here on special occasions.

Service: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Price: $$$$-$$$$$

Overall Rating: 4.75/5


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Hy’s Steakhouse | Cocktail Bar

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently dined at Hy’s Steakhouse, one of Vancouver’s high-end steakhouses! We had bought the $100 gift card deal from Costco which you can buy for $80, which is an awesome deal to dine at a restaurant like this. It was the first time either of us have dined here but we both heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, so we went in not knowing what to expect.

The exterior of the restaurant doesn’t really look like a restaurant, as it looks like something more from the Harry Potter/medieval era. The banner with their crest/coat of arms seriously gives off the Harry Potter/Hogwarts vibe. It’s attached to the side of Cathedral Place, but for the most part, it is its own building. 

There is valet parking at the restaurant, but the parking lot right beside it under Cathedral Place has very cheap parking for downtown, so I would recommend just parking there and walking up. 

The inside of the restaurant is very classy and gives off a very intimate feeling. The bar and lounge section is at the front of the restaurant, and the main dining area is at the back, passing through an arched walkway.

We were seated near the the middle of the room by the steps of the 2 elevations of the dining area. We were given menus and an iPad with the wine list, which was a pretty cool feature. I thought we were able to order via the iPad, but it was merely just a digital menu, and you still order from your server.

We decided on a glass of fruity white wine, Sage Hills Gewurztraminer $15.50 for each of us, which was very delicious!

Here’s the menu:

For starters, we absolutely had to order the highly touted Cheese Toast For Two $7.95. 

After smelling it, I knew already how delicious this would be, but the first bite was absolute perfection! Who knew something as simple as cheese toast could be done so brilliantly? No wonder this was the number one item that is a must order if you ever happen to dine here!

We then each ordered the Feature Mixed Grill Dinner $49.95 which consisted of 3 different cuts: rack of lamb, new york strip, and filet mignon, along with a few prawns, veggies, and potatoes. 

I thought every bit of this dish was delicious! Each piece of meat was cooked very nicely and tasted pretty good, but of course some were better than others. The new york strip was pretty good, while the rack of lamb was very good, but the filet mignon was just super tender and flavourful, easily the best of the 3. The prawns were tasty but a bit small. I swear I heard the server call them “jumbo” prawns, but not a big deal. The potatoes had very good seasoning on them and the greens were very tasty as well, as I could taste a very good buttery flavour on them. Overall this dish was just awesome all around and I could not complain about any part of it.

We also ordered two items on the side, which turned out to be much larger than what we would expect a side order to be. 

Jess picked the Sauteed Mushrooms $10.95.

This dish of mushrooms were so delicious and with such a big portion of mushrooms, it’s no wonder they charge you $10.95 for them. Overpriced? Maybe, but at this restaurant I would expect nothing less. 

I picked the Tempura Battered Onion Rings $10.95.

I had a craving for onion rings at the time, and so I ordered this, despite it costing the same as the sauteed mushrooms. I was thinking these better be the best onion rings I’ve ever had, and I wasn’t disappointed with them when they arrived! They were very good onion rings indeed, and with the tempura batter, it binds better to the onion than a regular onion ring would. I personally prefer these thinner type of onion rings over the really thick type, so I was enjoying this very much so. Jess, who was never into onion rings before she met me, had one, and proceeded to have several more! We were here to enjoy tonight so we ordered what we wanted to eat, so I did not regret ordering onion rings at a steakhouse!

For dessert, we chose to get Cheesecake $10.95 with a mix of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. 

This cheesecake was good, but nothing amazing. Dessert isn’t really what you would come here for, so dessert for the night might be better had elsewhere, but we wanted to try it out just to know how it is. 

The service here was awesome! Our server was attentive and gave great suggestions on the menu. He was very friendly and joked around with us as well. He was professional but casual as well, which suited us perfectly!

Overall, this restaurant had very delicious food for us which was complimented by excellent service as well! I would definitely recommend this place for everyone to try and you MUST order the cheese toast!





Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
– Phil

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Chop Steakhouse


I’m super excited to blog about this restaurant and I had to instant post this right up after dinner! I just got back from having a super wonderful Fathers day dinner at Chop Steakhouse located in Richmond. If you read my blogs then you should know I am BIG on service. Service identifies how the staff was trained and what the restaurants true values are. They focus on service ALOT! and I LOVE IT! First off, I was very happy with the private room we got. We didn’t request it but was lucky enough for them to have gave us a nice, comfortable private room for my family. The waiter that was helping us for the night is called Blake. So just incase he ever comes across this blog post, I want to give him a MAJOR shoutout for providing excellent A+ service. He knew the menu very well and gave excellent suggestions. 

Now, lets talk about the food!

At the beginning, before our main dishes arrived, we got the complimentary bread. I didn’t eat any because I was scared it’ll stuff me up but according to limmerZ the bread was SUPER GOOD!

For my main dish, I ordered the Petite Prime Rib, Chop Experience with Seafood Chowder, side Baked Potato & Veggies ($29.95)
There is a list of sides to choose from, so there is definitely more options available. 
The Seafood Chowder was very flavourful and it was filled with seafood. There was salmon, scallop & many more.

Here is my main dish! Now… I’m not really sure what they consider “Petite” but in my vocabulary that means …small…and what I had was not small at all! If this is small I cannot imagine what large would be like. Anyhow, the meat was cooked perfectly in a medium rare state. The overwhelming taste with the juices overflowing on my plate, man was I in heaven. The baked potato was a classic and with the sauteed veggies on the side it was just a good combination. The balance between fat and healthy? At least that was what I was trying to go for… Unlike my brother who went double the potatoes for the sides. Mashed potatoes and Baked potatoes for him. When he got his dish he actually got veggies and a baked potato.According to our waiter, the kitchen thought it was a typo because usually nobody orders double the potatoes. The waiter called my brother a boss for ordering such heavy sides. LOL What a funny guy. He let my bro keep the veggies and brought out a plate of mashed potatoes for him. 

                                                                                                                                 My Mama ordered the Citrus Soy Glazed Wild Salmon ($25.95). 
The dish actually came in an asian big dim sum tray. My Mama didn’t even want to eat it because the food was plated so nicely on display. She wasn’t a big fan of the wild rice, but she extremely loved the salmon. She said dipping the salmon with the provided sauce was such a good combination and it gave the fish more flavour. 

 limmerZ ordered the same thing as me but for one of his sides he got fries. We absolutely adore the fries! Reminds us of Five Guys Fries. The fries were simmered with the exact right amount of salt and the flavour was just incredible. Now, you may think I am over exaggerating on this because fries is fries… what’s so special? Well, I can clearly tell you everywhere makes fries differently. Try comparing this to McDonalds.. lol 

My Papa and my brother (aka. MC Dawg) ordered the special for the night! It’s the Bone In New York Steak ($38.95).
We usually like our steaks medium rare but according to the waiter this steak is cooked to a medium state but still gives the pleasure of a medium rare steak. Near the bone it was more rare but they absolutely loved it! Extremely thick cut and my papa said it was super delicious. Now my brother was not a huge fan on the sided mashed potatoes. At first my brother thought horse radish was incorporated into the mashed potatoes but they actually have wasabi flavouring in it. If you are not a huge fan on wasabi tastes, I would not recommend you ordering mashed potatoes as your side. It has a huge wasabi taste. My papa loved it alot and finished it spot clean. So it really depends on your preference. 

 Last but not least, we obviously cannot forget about dessert! We ordered the Dessert Trio ($10.95) to share. Starting from the left we have a Carribean Rum Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, middle we have Chocolate cake and on the right we have a Raspberry Creme Brulee. My mom loved the Creme Brulee, my Papa loved the Rum Cake with Ice Cream and my brother, MC Dawg loved the chocolate cake. For me, I was average with all the desserts. Definitely not on the top of my list. The rum cake is very unique and with the combination of the ice cream it gives it a way better taste. The chocolate cake is just a normal chocolate cake to me, nothing special. The creme brulee, flavour did not stand out to me. It’s a good little dessert to share with others just to try but I don’t think I will order this next time. I rather eat dessert elsewhere.

Before we left, the waiter dropped by and gave my Papa this Chop Steakhouse cup. It was a small gift from their restaurant to all the fathers out there. I thought it was a nice little surprise and my papa was definitely in shock when he received it. It was his first time going to this restaurant and I can tell he had an absolutely wonderful experience. 

Inside the cup there was a little card that was also a little gift for my daddy. Next visit, he gets a free lobster tail on the house. 

I think Chop Steakhouse knows how to make their customers feel special and make their experience eating at the restaurant absolutely amazing. I highly recommend my readers to go try this place out and tell me what you guys think! I’ve been to this restaurant a few times and I always have an awesome experience. I just felt this time was a more memorable experience that I must blog about it ASAP. 




Overall Rating: 


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Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

Hey everyone,

So I was at Gotham Steakhouse last night with Bee because it was her birthday yesterday! SHOUT OUT TO BEE ❤ Anyways the restaurant was really dark with the dim lights and the lighted candles so lighting for pictures was horrible! So I took one picture of all the food we got. 

Bee and I Canada Line to Waterfront station and the restaurant is just a few blocks away. If you’re planning to drive down, they do have valet parking. 

The interior was very nice and the service was WONDERFUL. From beginning to end I was very impressed with everything. The waiter was very jolly and friendly and the best part was when he sang happy birthday to Bee when he brought out our dessert. Also, when you first enter into the restaurant the hosts greets you in a very friendly way and they have coat service.

Bee got the Premium Salmon Filet ($29.95), I tried a bit of it and OMG it was sooooo delicious!
I got the Roasted Stuffed Half Chicken ($29.95), it was the BEST tasting chicken ever and it was such a huge leg that I was full after eating half of it. 
We also ordered fresh steamed broccoli ($7.95) and french fries($6.96) on the side. Those were pretty average, nothing special. 

At the end we ordered Baked American Cheesecake with mixed berry sauce($11), the cheesecake tasted amazing but we couldn’t finish it at the end because we were already so full from our main course! 

I would totally recommend this place if you are looking for a place for FINE dining. This is probably the most expensive restaurant I’ve been to. The prices for other stuff on the menu was off the roof! 

Check out the menu if you guys don’t believe me LOL:

OHHH and also a heads up, they give you bread at the beginning of your meal (most fancy restaurants are like that) and the bread is HUGE. So just keep that in mind. LOL


4.5/5 (lost a bit of points from the sides because if I’m going to pay 8 bucks for broccoli and 7 bucks for french fries, it better be amazing, but unfortunately it was just average)


Overall Rating:


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