Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

So this is a place that I’ve been going to from time to time with my colleagues for lunch whenever we’re in the area (and sometimes even when we’re not!). They are very popular and seem to be the go to spot for tradesmen of all sorts. It’s possible to get a table here for lunch without a reservation, but next to impossible for dinner. ALWAYS make a reso if you plan to have dinner here, otherwise don’t even bother going!

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Ramen Jinya

Hey Everyone,

My buddy told me about this place when we drove by before, so we finally got around to trying it. With tons of ramen choices in downtown, this one is actually away from the main group of ramen restaurants at Robson and Denman. The wait outside didn’t look too bad either for a Saturday afternoon, so we put our name down and waited. You write your own name on the waitlist right outside their door. 

After a not so long wait, we were seated inside by the centre oval “bar”.

There is a projection on the wall playing sports, but it is directly on the wall, not a projection screen. 

The “attention” sign at the bottom of the last picture is this:

They have several cameras in the restaurant, but definitely keep an eye on your belongings as the space is tight in the restaurant. There was plenty of table space infront of me before the middle planter platform, so there was plenty of space to put belongings there if need be. 

This menu is also posted on their window outside so you can look at their menu while waiting. Both my buddy and I went for their “Jinya No. 1” and ordered the Jinya Tonkotsu Black $12.95. 

I absolutely loved this ramen! The flavour was delicious, and different than other ramen I’ve had. The soup was rich but not overwhelming so it was perfect. Their noodles were different than the noodles other ramen place use too, as it was softer and in my opinion, tastier! Their cha shu was so tender and flavourful, and the egg was given whole, instead of cut in half like at most ramen places. The inside was a perfectly cooked soft boiled yolk, just an absolute delight! 

I added Butter $0.50 and Corn $1.00:

The butter was a pretty sizable chunk, which was awesome as I love butter! The corn did not arrive for some time, so I had to ask about it, upon which they then brought me a dish of corn. Note that all their addons seem to come in side dishes on their own, as opposed to being premixed into your ramen. This was a very interesting point, as you could essentially order one topping and split it among two people, which is what we did with the corn and my buddy’s pork. He didn’t like butter in his ramen, so the butter was all mine!

My buddy added their topping suggestion of Pork Soboro $1.50:

This was hardly spicy at all, so I could take it, and it was very tasty to add to the ramen. 

The service was good when they were serving us, but their restaurant was so busy that their servers were often forgetting things. That is actually a bad excuse for this, as good servers should remember customer requests, but that’s what I came to the conclusion of. They forgot my corn that I ordered, but even before that, no one came to take our order for the longest time after we sat down. After I finally got the attention of one of the servers, she acknowledged me, then seemingly totally forgot to come take our order and went to do other things. When she finally came around again, she was doing something else, then looked up and saw me, then it clicked that she was supposed to come take our order, which she immediately did. I later noticed the couple beside me had asked their server for the bill, and then maybe 10 minutes later, their server or another server came to ask if they were done with their ramen, and he reminded them that he had asked for the bill, which had still not arrived yet. When it came to our turn to get the bill, that also took a while, long enough that I decided to go lineup for the washroom, which was the only washroom in the restaurant for customers to use. One washroom for all, males and females to share. When I had returned from the washroom, my buddy said he had paid it all already on credit card, as there were other diners waiting to pay as well. 

Overall this restaurant has excellent ramen, from the one that we tried, and very good value for their toppings. The service could use an improvement, and even though they are seemingly legit Japanese operated, they don’t seem to have the level of service you’d expect. They are very friendly and helpful, don’t get me wrong, just their forgetfulness caused the service level overall to go down. This is now my new favourite ramen place out of all the places I’ve tried so far. I highly recommend everyone to go try this place out and let me know if you agree!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
– Phil

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Blue Bella Pocha Korean Bar

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I were on the West End in downtown and decided to wander around looking for a place to have dinner, when we happened upon Blue Bella. They are located on a corner of an intersection on Robson beside a bunch of other Korean restaurants, but we decided to pick this one over the rest as it looked more appealing to us from the outside than the other ones!

The inside was not bad either:

Now it was still bright at this time so it didn’t seem that dark, but as the sun went down, it became very dark in the restaurant, and they don’t light it up very much, so it was very dim later on!

Our photo editing also makes it look brighter than it actually was!

Now when we first walked into the restaurant, we were not greeted by any staff for the longest time. Interestingly, a girl who walked in after us was served by one of the staff before we were! Not a good start for their customer service rating! When we were finally greeted, we were brought to a table near the glowing “beauty” sign on the wall as seen in the pictures above. The floors were VERY sticky everywhere, so beware!

One thing that became immediately apparent was that this was a very legit Korean restaurant, and we were pretty much the only non-Korean customers in the restaurant. This gave the impression that they provided better service to Korean customers as the girl who walked in after us was Korean and was immediately attended to when she came in and cut us off, while we waited patiently for our turn to be helped as normal customers should. While we waited prior to being seated, the thought of leaving and going elsewhere ran through my head several times, but we were eventually greeted and seated before this idea came to fruition so we ended up giving it a shot.

Once we were finally seated, it took forever to finally place our order as no one came to take our order. Again, I contemplated leaving, but alas someone came to take our order after we had to ask them as they passed by. While placing our order, I found their service to be actually very friendly and helpful. This contrast in service gave hope for their overall rating as the service rating might not be as low as it originally may have seemed. 

A particular aspect of this restaurant that kind of bothered me was the fact that they played Korean music on their sound system, played Korean music videos on the TV, but the two did not match! One song would be playing while a different song’s mv would be on the TV. This may not be an issue to most people but I found it odd!

After ordering our food, we were not immediately brought water like every other table had. 20 minutes had passed and we had still not been brought a jug of water, so we decided to ask for it. This was the first place I had tried a pint of 1516 Bavarian Lager $5.95 and I fell in love with it immediately, but Jess did not order a drink so she was just going to drink water, which was communicated to the server upon ordering our food.

Finally, onto the food! What was described on the receipt as simply “Open Food$1.00, was a tray of side dishes, some of which did not seem like actual side dishes at all!

The picked radishes and pickles seemed normal, and Jess loved those. The bowl of soup seemed to be ginger soup, as it was spicy and had a ginger flavour to it, but was surprisingly good! There was the typical kimchi, and also a side of edamame on the other side of the tray. Yes, those are shrimp crackers on the tray, and it was part of the whole tray! Just behind the plate of chicken is a whole fish! It was a small fish, but the entire thing minus the head. If the shrimp crackers was surprising, this was even more of a surprise, as an entire fish was given as a side dish, part of a tray that costs $1.00! This fish was grilled and was pretty good too! Mind blown!

We had asked the server for what amount of chicken was included in each dish, and she advised that one order of chicken would be enough for the both of us to share, and even offered to do half and half for the flavours in the order! So we had an order of half Original Deep Fried Chicken and half Deep Fried Chicken tossed with special sweet spicy sauce $20.95.

There must have been about 16 pieces of chicken in total on this dish and it was very nicely plated. The original is the lighter coloured one, and it was very delicious! I really enjoyed the original chicken as it had tons of flavour, was moist, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and just an overall excellent fried chicken. The special sweet spicy sauced chicken was slightly spicy, but not to the point that I couldn’t handle it. I don’t eat much spice, so if I can handle it, this wouldn’t be considered spicy for most of you out there! The peanuts on it are a nice touch and tastes great with what is an already awesome chicken dish. This was a more moist flavour and was also slightly crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. All of the chicken were very well cooked through as well. We both loved this dish very much and thought it was a very good deal for the amount and quality of the chicken.

The service had improved after we got all of our food as they seemed more attentive as time passed. Jess and I both agreed that the food really saved their overall rating and their service did improve to cover some of the early faults. 

Overall this restaurant turned out to be very good! This felt like a very authentic Korean joint as all the other customers were Korean, and mostly young teens and college students. This gave us the impression that this was a preferred place for Koreans themselves to hang out at, as some were celebrating birthdays there, and another table in particular were having tons of fun playing various games at their table. It was a very fun atmosphere in the restaurant and once you are immersed in that atmosphere, the sticky floors and mismatching music and mv’s no longer bothered me! It was clear that this was a great place to hangout with friends, have some great food at reasonable prices, and have a few drinks as well! They had a variety of Korean alcoholic drinks, which we did not try but will definitely come back to try next time with a few friends. The lighting was very dark in there, but we were seated under the large glowing blue sign on the wall, so that aided in our visibility of everything around us. We’re hoping the initial service experience we had was just a one off, as the rest of the dining experience was very well served, so we’re going to give them the benefit of a doubt and give them another try next time!





Thanks for reading everyone, and let us know if you’ve dined here and whether your experience with their service was different. Munch on!
– Phil

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Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather this weekend! On Friday, me & Phil went to Steveston to try out this restaurant called Ichiro Japanese Restaurant. I was scrolling through Zomato and came across their page and thought why not! 

When we first arrived, we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. When we stepped in, it was packed full. We were told it was going to be a 45 minute wait, so we went to Blenz to kill some time before our table was ready. 

When we finally got our table and we were looking through the menu, we were shocked at how many options there were on the menu. It was difficult to pick, but I think we managed to choose some pretty good items. 

We also vlogged! So go watch our youtube video HERE

First off, we got the Tuna Gomaae ($8.95). I’ve never seen this at any other restaurant (If you know anywhere else that has this and is good, pls comment down below! Would love to know!). Tuna Gomaae is basically tuna sashimi pieces with sesame sauce. Simple but yet delicious. We loved this dish so much. Great starter and was definitely different from what we usually order at Japanese restaurants.

Next, we got the Toro Sashimi ($15.50 for 6 pieces). You can also choose to do half orders for cheaper. The Toro was rich & fresh.

We decided to order 3 rolls: 
From top to bottom, we have Kani Ten Roll $5.75 (prawn tempura, imitation crab, cucumber), Unagi Ten Roll $6.95 (BBQ eel, tempura, cucumber) & Oshinko Roll $3.00

We usually order Ebi Mayo but we decided to try something new. We saw this dish called Ebi Kakiage ($8.95) which is basically deep fried prawn tempura with mixed veggies. This was pretty interesting. They slice it in four pieces and I do like the incorporation of veggies with the prawns. I personally love vegetables so I thought this was good but for Phil, he thought the vegetables took over the flavor and he can barely taste the prawns. 

Last but not least, we ordered Yaki Soba ($14.50). By the time we got this, we were actually really full from all the other dishes already. So majority of this was packed home. We did have several bites out of this and it was done really nicely. Majority of the sauce was at the bottom of the dish, so we thought the top layer might not be as flavorful BUT we were surprised that the top layer without the sauce at the bottom was still very good. The flavor soaked into the noodles throughout the dish and it tasted great. They had a generous amount of chicken pieces in there.

Service: 4/5
Service was great. The waitresses were fast and knowledgeable about the menu. We were always served tea without asking and the dishes came at a timely manner. At the end when we were paying, our waitress apologized for the wait of the table but advised us to reserve a table before coming because it’s usually busy. The waitress also told me they are 100% Japanese owned, so the food is authentic. They were established 9.5 years ago with their first store on No.1 Road but has expanded to this current location.

Food: 4.5/5
I thought everything tasted great! Even though the pricing for this place was slightly more expensive compared to other Japanese restaurants, you can really taste the difference in terms of quality. They have really unique dishes on the menu and I think it is definitely worth a try! 

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Happy Sunday!

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Me n Ed’s Pizza Parlor Revisit

Hey Everyone,

We recently revisited Me n Ed’s Pizza Parlor, but this time in the Coquitlam location. Last time it was a take out order from the Highgate location in Burnaby, so we’ll see how dining in is like at the Coquitlam location now.

This location’s building is very similar to the Highgate one, as it’s located next to a McDonalds as well, and the size of the restaurant is similar as well. 

Let’s get straight to the food!

For starters, we had two orders of wings, BBQ and Honey Garlic. Their wings are pretty tasty and meaty! They come with celery sticks and I love celery sticks! We didn’t get a photo of their wings but they’re pretty typical wings. Pretty decent!

Now for the pizza:


This used to be my favourite after last time I had their pizza. Eating it fresh in the restaurant was even better! The fresh tomatoes tasted so good on this pizza, and their crust is by far one of the best crusts in local pizza! It has a flaky texture to it and does not become rock-like even after reheating later on. This is a very good pizza, but the other 2 we ordered were even better!


This was the table favorite and rightfully so! Consisting of oven-roasted potatoes on garlic herb sauce base, layered with smoky bacon, onions and bubbling cheddar cheese. It’s topped with green onions and comes with sour cream to dip/spread! This has been the favourite one of my sister’s since the first time she’s tried it, and it is definitely very tasty. The toppings combine so well together with the cheese, bacon, and potatoes to make a heavenly taste! But as good as this was, my favourite was the 3rd pizza.


This was to me, the best pizza they make by far! Consisting of bocconcini cheese, succulent Roma tomatoes and fresh basil on a bed of capicollo, onions, garlic, and herb sauce, this is the best tasting pizza from Me n Ed’s! Just talking about the pizza is making my mouth water! I love margarita pizza’s and this is almost like it, plus the bocconcini cheese which just completes the flavour so perfectly! This is now my new favourite pizza, and I would order an entire one just for me next time! I highly recommend trying this pizza for those of you that have not tried Me n Ed’s pizzas before.

The service was pretty good and attentive, however I have to commend them for having only 2 servers to work the floor, which at times was a bit difficult to serve every table in a timely manner. The service is very friendly and engaging, so if anything, it would have been only better if they had one more server. 

Overall, the food was amazing, and the service was pretty good as well. I highly recommend everyone to try their pizza, and definitely try the Perogy and Soprano if you do! They have 3 locations so far in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Poco. Head to your nearest location and have a bite of a Perogy or Soprano pizza!





Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy!
– Phil

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Dineout 2015- Romer’s Burger Bar

Hey Everyone,

Had lunch with my coworkers yesterday at Romer’s in River District, the one on Kerr by Marine. We had no idea this restaurant was part of the Dine Out program as well, so this was a pleasant surprise! Normally the burgers don’t come with any fries, but with the Dine Out menu, you get fries included, along with an appetizer and their mini donuts for dessert!

Here’s the Dine Out menu:

It might be a little hard to read, but there are actually two options here, the $18 menu or the $25 menu. This is the second time I’ve been to this location, and the third time I’ve dined at a Romer’s. After each of those two visits, I came out pondering why Romer’s was considered as such a good burger joint by many of my friends. While the first two times weren’t very impressive, I was hoping this third visit would change my opinion of Romer’s. 

I decided to start off with a Thomas Kemper Craft Brewed Rootbeer $4; no alcohol today!

This rootbeer was very delicious! The fizz isn’t too strong, right on point, and the flavour is just so smooth! Definitely a must try for all you rootbeer lovers out there!

I ordered from the $18 menu, so for starters, I had the Tomato Basil Soup (normally $6.95).

This soup was actually very tasty! Very rich with a little bit of spice to it! What you see on the side are a few squares of grilled cheese sandwiches, which they consider as “croutons” to go with the soup! I only found out about these being croutons after the fact because I ended up eating them first straight up, because I love grilled cheese sandwiches! I was disappointed to find out however, that they were cold, which should have been a hint that these were meant to be croutons for the soup, and not consumed separately as actual sandwiches. All in all, a very good starter.

For the burger, I chose the Magic Mushroom Burger (normally $12.95).

This is a hand-crafted beef patty, topped with carmelized onions, sauteed portobello mushrooms, herb garlic Boursin, and baby arugula. These ingredients combine to make an uber delicious burger that you MUST try! The patty is cooked perfectly so it retains the juiciness of the beef, whereas some burger joints overcook the patty until it’s well-done and dry. This one seems to be a perfect medium-rare, the way it should be! The rest of the toppings compliment the beef so well in what can only be considered as perfect burger harmony! I love each of the ingredients put on this burger, especially the baby arugula as I love arugula over lettuce in anything, any day! The bun was a very soft fresh baked brioche bun which held up very well during the course of eating the burger. It hardly fell apart at all, with only a small corner falling off being soaked with the succulent juices from the burger. All in all, this was definitely the right choice today, and a highly recommended burger!

The fries were fried up well, but lacked any flavour whatsoever when they’re bare. I believe a good fry should be able to hold up on its own without the need for ketchup or adding anything else to it once it’s served. This was not the case, as I needed to add pepper, definitely needed a lot more salt, and finally some ketchup once the fries got colder. If I am adding pepper to the fries, it’s usually only if I want a little bit more flavour for the fries, but if I have to add more salt to the fries myself, then those fries are seriously very bland! Adding salt yourself is never as effective as having the fries salted by the kitchen because it gets more evenly distributed that way, as when I have to add it myself, they either all stay at the top, or all fall to the bottom, rarely sticking to the fries. This brought the food rating down a bit from perfection, which is quite unfortunate given how well the burger and appetizer went!

For dessert, you get the R Famous Drunken’ Donuts by default from the Dine Out menu, but you do get your pick of dipping sauce!

Each person gets 5 mini donuts with sugar frosting on them. They taste pretty good by themselves, but they provide you with dipping sauce, so why not give those a try!

This photo’s credits go to Ricky!

The darker sauce is Nutella Khalua, the lighter brown sauce is Maple Whiskey, and the yellow one is Lemon something, which tasted like lemon meringue. My favourite of the 3 is definitely Nutella Khalua, with its chocolaty flavour and a hint of Khalua, but a close second is the Maple Whiskey, which is just very tasty in general. The lemon one wasn’t a favourite of mine, as I don’t really like having the lemon flavour on the mini donuts. By the time I was on my 4th donut, I was already very stuffed, as the burger was very filling, but I had to finish it all as it was just so good! 

The service here was pretty good overall. They took away plates in a timely manner despite being part of Dine Out, I had to ask for water refills but they did ask if we wanted another drink when our drinks were empty, and a big plus for me is that when they were clearing away plates, they say, “Excuse my reach” before reaching across someone to take away a plate! It’s not that difficult to say, but often only the classier restaurant servers do this, so I was very pleasantly surprised to hear this at a burger bar restaurant! Plus points!

Overall this dining experience has totally changed my opinion of Romer’s and I will definitely be trying out more of their burgers in the near future. They have so many options so this may take some time, but they should definitely be worth checking out! The food is great, the service is great, overall a very good restaurant! Highly recommend this all of our readers!









Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!

– Phil

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