Cafe Medina

Hi everyone,

Cafe Medina was one of the places that was on my MUST TRY lists for the longest times… I’ve attempted several times before but it always ended up to be a 2 hour wait…so I always give up. This time around, we decided to put down our name for the 2 hour wait and we took that time frame to try out Honolulu Coffee. (which will be up on our blog very shortly)

We were so happy when we officially sat down. This place is literally always packed with people, so I would recommend either going LATER in the day like at 2pm or come SUPER early in the morning to ensure a spot… otherwise you’ll probably have to wait for 2 hours for a table.

The interior is very nice. They were all mainly two seater tables but they are movable so bigger groups would work too. They also have really tall ceilings, which makes the space bigger and not as tight as it may seem.. considering this place is usually packed with people.


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Hey everyone!

So it feels like I legit haven’t blogged in FOREVER and I truly apologize for the lack of posts on our blog. Usually I blog during the weekend but I’ve been so caught up with our Youtube Vlogging Channel, I’ve been lacking motivation to blog. But right now, i am back at it again and have many restaurant reviews lined up!

At Metrotown food court, there’s a new food court vendor! They are called Chachi’s! They specialize in gourmet sandwiches, using local, fresh ingredients from local butchers, cheesemakers & bakers. Their motto is “changing mall food, making it better and gourmet”.

From first glance, the design layout of their food court stall definitely gives off a different vibe. Very modern, bright and clean.

While checking out their menu board, their prices are definitely much higher compared to all the other food court vendors. Prices are based on just the sandwich itself and it varies approx. $10-$12. You may add sides and drinks on the side if needed.


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Royal Seafood Restaurant

Hey everyone!

My family always go for morning dimsums during the weekend. We always pass by Garden City and noticed there’s a dim sum restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Garden City Plaza. One day we decided to give it a try! Surprisingly this place had no line up and we were directed to our seats right away. I love the fact how they are not fully packed because I hate waiting for a table. If you are in the centralized areas of Richmond, such as Aberdeen Centre, you are bound to wait in line. The interior was much nicer than I expected. The seats were covered in seat covers and they also had a little water, flower display up front that looked pretty fancy.


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Soffee Cafe

Hey everyone!!

I’m always on the lookout to try out new high tea restaurants. We found this one on West 8th, near Granville street and it’s one of the cutest little restaurants I’ve seen. Their interior consists of comfortable seatings, beautiful linens and pretty tea cups and miniature cutlery. I recommend making a reservation for any high tea places you decide to go to because they are “majority” of the time fully booked. We went around 12pm but surprisingly it wasn’t that full, which I much rather prefer. With less people within a little space, more privacy, more quiet and it makes it much better to have chats and drink tea with a friend. Their full menu is online:

They also serve lunch items, so if you work or live around the area, you may want to check them out! All their tea options are online too. They serve local teas and also teas imported from Paris.


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Joyful Restaurant

Hey everyone!

So we’re really behind on our blogs so here’s another one to add to our Las Vegas Trip back in end of February. We are the type of family that gets food sick if it only consists of burgers and fries on a daily basis so of course we hunted down an old favourite of ours in Chinatown. We’ve been here a couple of years back and we remembered deeply that this place had amazing Chinese food. We decided to try taking an Uber Car down to the area and it only costs $10.00 for the ride. If you want to know more about our experience in an Uber Car or want to check out the interior of the restaurant, pls click into our Youtube:

OR click into the day vlog we filmed on the day of going to Joyful Restaurant in Vegas:


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L’Opera Patisserie

Hey everyone!

Last weekend my friend and I decided to try out L’Opera Patisserie High Tea. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place so I really didn’t know what to expect here. Their location is part of the Marriot hotel and is across from Mui Garden in Richmond. They have parking in the back, so take a look there before you drive up to the parkade. My friend and I didn’t know so we drove up the parkade and parked relatively far. We had to cut through the hotel in order to exit out in to the main road until we reached their little cafe.  Also, the parkade is not free… so I think we paid like 6 dollars for 2 hour parking. Their interior is extremely small. The tables were pretty close to one another and walking space is very limited. Nonetheless, the interior decor is extremely cute. To see more of the interior, watch our youtube video: !! It’ll also mean the world to me if you subscribe to our channel or even give us a thumbs up 🙂


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