Rose House

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Phil and I visited a high tea place located in the Kerrisdale area. There was a voucher on “Axka” – a Vancouver voucher purchasing website for Rose House Tea & Art. The vouchers vary on availability and also changes from time to time but I do recommend checking it out because sometimes they do have some great voucher deals on there! **they don’t have this deal anymore**

We went on a Friday evening and the last booking was at 5:30pm. So we rushed to high tea right after work. I really like how they had their own parking lot available for their customers at the back.

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Hey everyone!

I’m on a roll this week! Busting out blogs now since I was MIA for so long ūüė¶ There will be tons of reading for you all! If you don’t like to read, you can always check out our Youtube channel:

Vij’s is a well known modern Indian cuisine restaurant and they opened up their new location on Cambie. They do not take reservations so from time to time, you may notice they have a long lineup at their front entrance. When you first enter in, they have a waiting area for you to sit in. They serve drinks and offer complimentary appetizers. The appetizers are served from time to time to each table. This is the only restaurant that I know of, that serves complimentary appies while you wait for your table. Also, they are good too!

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Alibi Room

Hey everyone!

The heat wave has officially hit Vancouver once again and hopefully this time it remains for a bit longer than just a few days. This weekend Phil and I hit up a new brunch location located in Gastown called Alibi Room. I love how their windows are wide open so the breeze flows in and tons of natural lighting enters the space. When we got there, there were only another group in front of us so the wait wasn’t too long. Just a quick thing… their waiting area smells like a Return It depot…not the most pleasant waiting area ever, just so you know. I’m pretty sure they hold quite a night life here, hence the smell of alcohol in the waiting area.


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Tapenade Bistro

Hey everyone!

I’m pretty sure everybody went out during the weekend and experienced the heat wave in Vancouver. It’s cooling down a bit now so hopefully the heat will pick up when weekend arrives! Phil and I are always on the lookout for a great patio to dine at. Last week we decided to try out Tapenade Bistro in Steveston, Richmond. They had outdoor seating outside but unfortunately the only available table they had out there had no umbrella. Therefore, we decided to move back inside.


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Wang Ji Restaurant Cafe

Hey everyone,

Ever since moving to Richmond, I’ve been trying out more neighbourhood restaurants around the area. I’m always scouting around searching for close by restaurants nearby. I don’t like driving that much so finding good restaurants within the area was vital to me. I came across this restaurant a few months ago and finally the other day I finally had the chance to give it a try. From their signage, it really gives off the vibe of traditional Chinese food, BUT they actually serve Taiwanese food. They’ve posted their menus in front of the door, so people passing by can always take a look at the menu before deciding whether you would like to dine here or not.

The interior was much nicer and bigger than I thought it’ll be. There was a lot of room and was definitely a comfortable space to dine in. I took a peek in to their washrooms and it looked very well renovated too, with black marble detailing.

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LA Grill

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve heard about this restaurant from a couple people before but never got around to checking it out until recently when I was in the area with my colleagues. We were here for lunch so this will be a review on their lunch menu.

Have a look at their menus here:

Very good price on draft beers, especially on my new favourite, 1516 Bavarian Lager for only $3.95!!!


Here’s the inside of the restaurant:

They got a couple TVs here, although not large ones, to watch sports on.

Although the beer was cheap for my new favourite beer, I opted not to drink for lunch today, and had a Ginger Ale $1.50 instead.

Caesars were on special today for $3.95, so my colleague ordered one.

My other colleague had a Fuzzy Navel $4.50, which was peach schnapps and orange juice, although she requested to have very little alcohol in her drink, so I’m guessing this was almost all orange juice!

I saw that they had lunch specials for $5.95 if you order a drink with it, and since I heard this place was good for their cheap lunches, I had to try one of them. I went with the Chicken Wrap $5.95.

This dish comes with caesar salad and rice. Visually, the dish overall does not look like much as the wrap is quite skinny, albeit long, but then again for $5.95 I’m not expecting this to be a spectacular dish. The inside cut of the wrap looks to be nice mixture of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. The taste of the wrap is actually pretty decent, and was good enough to satisfy immediate hunger. It wasn’t the most filling of meals but did its job none the less.The caesar salad was not bad either; decent amount and typical caesar salad flavour. The rice was the thicker type of rice,¬†reminiscent¬†of the rice I had in elementary school for the Hot Lunch program. There wasn’t much flavour to the rice and there really isn’t a very flavourful component to this dish to require the use of rice, so it was a bit difficult to eat that by itself. There was no sauce available on the dish to mix with this either, which made it confusing as to why they would include rice in this dish. The wrap is fine on its own, and so is the salad, so this rice was really out of place.

My colleague had the House Special, which was Steak & Prawns $12.95.

For $12.95, getting steak and prawns sounded like a heck of a deal! This was a 6 oz New York Steak with tiger prawns, served with rice, potatoes, green salad, and garlic toast. For a dish that costs a bit over double the cost of my dish, there was definitely a lot more food on this dish than mine, exactly double the types of items actually. My colleague said the steak was pretty decent for the price, however the so called tiger prawns were very small. I had one of his garlic toasts (because he knows I love bread) and it was a decent garlic bread. I enjoyed it nonetheless!

My other colleague had the Fettuccini Alfredo with garlic toast $5.95, a lunch special.

The service here was good and prompt. The restaurant isn’t very big, so there’s always someone around to help when needed. We were greeted immediately when we entered the restaurant and overall the service was just what you’d expect from a restaurant.¬†

Overall, this restaurant had very good value. The food was decent and inexpensive, and service was good with no complaints. Drinks are surprisingly cheap here, which makes this a great place to come hang out with friends and have a few drinks with some food. I would definitely want to come back here to try out the rest of their menu and have a few beers while I’m at it. I’ll definitely bring Jess here to try it out as well!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
– Phil

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Cafe de l’Orangerie

Hey guys!

The other day I went to find Phil for lunch during his lunch break. I met him at Cafe de l’Orangerie which is located on West 73rd, near the Airport Square Building. This place is Japanese owned and the staff was very friendly.

For drink, I ordered the Matcha Green Tea Latte ($4.55). I thought it tasted great but was disappointed that they didn’t draw anything on my latte like the one I had from Cafe Joie. But the main thing was the drink itself and I enjoyed it very much.¬†

For appetizers, we ordered their Poutine Orangerie-Style- small size ($6.25). It’s fries with homemade beef stew sauce & mozzarella cheese. I LOVED this, the beef stew tasted amazing and it just went really well together with the fries and the cheese. I highly recommend ordering this to share with friends and family as an appetizer.

Phil ordered the Curry with Pork Cutlet ($11.95) which came with rice & salad. Phils thoughts: the pork tasted great but the curry had way too many veggies in it. He prefers more curry sauce than curry with a bunch of veggies within it. 
I tried the curry too and I actually loved how they incorporated so many veggies. I think this dish is just personal preference whether you like it with more ingredients or not. Overall it was good.

I ordered the Wafu-style Spaghetti- Bonito flakes, seaweed, mushroom, bacon, garlic, and cabbage ($9.80). When I saw the ingredients within this dish on the menu I had to try this. I love everything that was in it but was rather disappointed when I ate it. The overall presentation of the plate was great but when I mixed everything together, I feel like it was lacking sauce. When you take a sniff off of this dish, it smells amazing but when you actually eat it, it was rather bland for my liking.

Many people told me this place is a great place for Japanese spaghetti but I just think I chose a rather poor one. But I will definitely come back and give this place another try on their other dishes!

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5 (I gave them an extra .5 is because I truly did like the poutine and the drink, even though my spaghetti was not as good)

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating:  3.25/5

Happy eating!

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