Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

Hey everyone!

Phil and I love Shanghai food and we were stoked to see a new Shanghai restaurant open up in Richmond. When we got there, the exterior and interior of the restaurant was very unique! The exterior definitely gives off an Asian vibe and the interior was very well polished as well. The seating’s were very unique because they used royal blue coverings. Unfortunately, the seats look good but it was not comfortable at all. For me, it was fine but if you are heavier, like Phil, you definitely feel the bottom of the seats. His butt was sinking into the seat and he can feel the wood at the bottom.

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Dae Ji Cutlet House

During this year’s fireworks, Phil and I passed by this place while we were walking down Robson to English Bay. We saw a huge line up and assumed it has to be good stuff! The window displays looked very intriguing and we told ourselves we must try this next time!

The thought of delicious pork cutlet was stuck in my head and I just couldn’t wait for Phil anymore, so I decided to go with two of my friends from school to give it a try! I got there around 12:30pm and I was the only customer in the restaurant. I walked in, seeing the staff in front of me, assuming she would notice my presence. I was hoping she would look up so I wouldn’t have to yell “HELLO?” but she didn’t. After hearing my voice from a distance, she immediately led me up to the second floor & once I got to the table she told me “Oh, actually do you mind sitting downstairs?” No, I really don’t mind where I sit, just make up your mind already..Upstairs or downstairs? >_<" Despite the disappointing entry, I was hoping the food would be superb.

So in terms of transit, I personally just walked all the way down Robson since it was a nice day out and I don’t mind the walk. But for my friends, they took the bus down, which is also very convenient. I wouldn’t recommend driving down to downtown for any reason because it’s such a pain in the butt to find parking in downtown and it’s hardly ever free. So you might as well make good use of the transit system we have in Vancouver and just skytrain down and then take the bus or walk.

 My friend ordered #20-Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice with Miso Soup $7.99

She thought the soup was okay. From the looks of it, it looked very bland. For the Chicken and curry rice, she said it was super delicious and she lovesssssss the curry! (PS. she finished the whole plate)

My other friend ordered #22- The Omelet Rice $9.50

He said the flavour tasted weird and he did not enjoy it one bit. Inside barely has any meat and it’s just way too much rice. Also, the sauce just didn’t mix in well with the whole meal. It was a huge disappointment for him and he would not order this again.

Last but not least, I ordered #6- Cheese Pork Cutlet $9.99

Obviously I had to order their pork cutlet and see what is so great about it. I think I was having way too high of an expectation for this dish and was completely disappointed.  The first few bites were okay but after a while, it got way too salty and it was making me way too thirsty. (Also, the waitress did not help refill the water, so it was definitely not helping with my thirst) The pork was just covered in the gravy sauce and I didn’t taste much cheese off my “cheese” pork cutlet dish. The sauce is just Korean gravy and if it weren’t for this sauce, the cutlet would’ve been extremely dry and tasteless.

Service: 2/5

Food: 2.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 2.25/5


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Sunway Restaurant

My co-worker told me a lot of good things about this restaurant and finally I’ve gotten the chance to try this place out! I had pretty high expectations already because my co-worker told me it’s pretty legit Taiwanese food. From the outside it looks very nice, so I actually expected the interior to be a bit fancy too. At least somewhat like bubble world in Richmond. But OMG when I stepped in I was so shocked by the interior. Very poor decorative interior designs and its just not professional at all. Their refrigerator is visible in public near the cashier desk. But anyhoo, I’m there for the food so let’s get to it…!

My go-to bubble tea is green apple green tea, but recently I’ve been loving just the original honey milk tea. ($3.75) So I ordered the honey milk tea with pearls and OMG it tasted SO WEIRD! Apparently they use green tea to make this honey milk tea. I KNOW what green tea tastes like and once I tasted this drink I knew green tea was the ingredient already. I asked the waitress and she told me its what they use in their honey milk tea. All I know is all other honey milk teas I drink from elsewhere all have the same similar taste but this one was WAY too off. 

One word=disappointed.

Next, we got the popcorn chicken ($5.50). It was not bad but I’ve definitely tried better ones elsewhere and it became really salty after a while. 

We ordered side rice for an extra dollar.

Also, we ordered deep fried tempura ($5.50). DISLIKE, super salty. All I could taste was salt ….. not good.




Overall Rating: 


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