21 Nautical Miles

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to a tasting event with Chopstick Fest at 21 Nautical Miles. I had never been to this restaurant before and I heard it was a hands on seafood experience, so this was intriguing for me. Jess and I are usually the type to not want to get our hands dirty, so we stay away from shelled seafood, but this seemed like a unique experience to try.

The restaurant is located in Yaletown on Hamilton, so parking is all metered along the streets. We were lucky enough to find a spot close to the front of the restaurant.


The area at the front of the restaurant usually has large boats with a table and seats inside, but on this particular day, they did not have them out. Pretty cool patio seating concept if you ask me!

Their name doesn’t show it, but the restaurant has a very Asian theme to it. Just check out their decor:

IMG_5579 IMG_5576IMG_5577 IMG_5582 IMG_5593

The bar:

IMG_5592 They also have an upstairs section as well, which looks like it could be booked for a private function: IMG_5590

Our table:

IMG_5583 IMG_5584IMG_5587 IMG_5589IMG_5585

Although they provided us with these tools to crack open the shelled seafood, I did not find them necessary as the shells were quite soft already, and the hammer was not used at all!

For drinks, I chose the Fruli Mojito $11.00:


Interesting drink! I picked this drink because I love mojitos and I like Fruli, so why not try the two combined together! This consisted of white rum, mint, lime, simple syrup, and Fruli. It tasted pretty good, but the mint leaves were kind of going out of control in the drink as they were coming up the straw quite often. Overall great drink!

Here’s the Smoked Hawaiian $12.00 that was also ordered at our table:

IMG_5606 This contains dark rum, blue curacao, fresh pineapple, grapefruit juice, and grenadine.

Now for the food!

First up was Lamb Skewers $2.79 each:


These were very flavourful, rich in herbal taste! It totally reminded me of the lamb skewers we had at the Efendi Uyghur Restaurant. The meat was very tender and juicy, and this was very enjoyable!

Next up was Grilled Chicken Wings $2.99 for two pieces:


These chicken wings tasted pretty good, mostly due to the fact that I love chicken wings and I was super hungry. They had a good amount of char on them and were still juicy inside. The flavouring on the wings was essentially the same as the lamb skewers, which worked quite well for them I’d say!

Next up came the Spicy Crawfish, small size $38.99:

IMG_5614 IMG_5618

I’m not sure what size of the crawfish order we were given but there was quite a bit of crawfish in this dish. The pure colour of the dish was enough to tell me how spicy this was going to be, but I gave it a try anyways. Now here’s the part where I would usually say no thanks, due to the need for being hands on, but they provided us with plastic disposable gloves, so in I went! The gloves weren’t the best and they tore in spots here and there so the oil still leaked through, but oh well. Ripping them apart was pretty easy if you’re using both hands, but it still took some work for me because I was using one glove and one hand with chopsticks (I needed the second hand free so I could Snapchat =p) After I finally managed to get the meat out of one, I was quite disappointed in the amount of crawfish inside! (this was my first crawfish ever) It was such a tiny little piece of crawfish for all that work I just went through! The flavour of it was good, but quite spicy. Overall I just thought it was not worth the amount of work required to get that piece of meat to justify the reward of eating it, so personally I would never order crawfish, but crawfish fans may love this dish!

Next was the Seafood Party, which is a 2 person minimum order at $38.95 per person.

Spicy Flavour:

IMG_5621 IMG_5622IMG_5631

Garlic Butter Flavour:

IMG_5639IMG_5633 IMG_5634

You have a choice the above two flavours, or a third option in Black Pepper. The spicy flavoured one looked like it had a curry base soup, and it was actually not spicy. It held a stronger flavour over the garlic butter one, and that was the table favourite. I personally loved the garlic butter one just as much, as it has a good flavour on its own, just not as strong. The menu states that the platter consisted of crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, corn, potato, however it actually came with a few more items not mentioned, like scallops and large slices of sausage. Everything was delicious on this platter! I actually did work and opened up crab lets to eat the meat inside, and likewise with the shrimp. The crab legs were actually so soft that I could just twist them to break them open. The clamp tool was actually useless on a soft shell crab leg as it would just squeeze and compress the leg without actually breaking it. The other items were all very good as well. The corn in particular was awesome with the garlic butter flavouring and I think I may have had three pieces of corn on the cob! Sausage was pretty good as well with the garlic butter flavour. This dish is definitely amazing in flavour!

Lastly, we had the Chinese Burger $7.99:

IMG_5643 IMG_5644IMG_5645

These looked pretty cool as it was sort of like a pizza pocket. The purple and magenta lights in the restaurant sort of messed with the colors in the photos but they were actually pretty tasty! The “bun” had a slight crisp on the outside while the inside was soft. The meat inside was juicy and savoury, with just the right amount inside for the burger. Interesting dish!

Overall this place has a very fancy decor style, amazing seafood platter dish, and pretty good appetizers to compliment. They have some unique drinks as well, which makes this a great place to check out with friends and crack open some seafood! Definitely give them a try and see if you can get the outside boat tables!

Thank you again to Chopstick Fest for arranging this tasting and 21 Nautical Miles for having us!

Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
– Phil

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