Candy Tree Dessert

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What a rainy Saturday! With the weather so ugly, lets talk about something on a brighter note. Last week, we were invited by Chinese Bites to a media tasting at Candy Tree Dessert. Its located in Burnaby along Kingsway. They have parking at the back and they also have street parking on the side. This place gets full fast at night. They don’t have a huge interior but I highly recommend coming here and try their desserts.. and once you read my reviews down below, you’ll know why!


Ginger Tea with crystal Matcha/Purple Yam dumbling (hot)- $7.00

The ginger tea was very strong, but went really well with the yam dumplings! It was such a heart warming dessert, I highly recommend checking this out.


The other table ordered the Matcha Red Bean Waffle ($8.95). I didn’t end up trying this but I thought I’ll add this in here anyways because it looks so beautiful 😛


The other table also ordered the Marshmallow Toast ($4.50). I thought this was a very interesting concept because I’ve never seen anything like this before! I was able to try a section of it. Overall it was very sweet. The marshmallow was very sticky and I probably wouldn’t order this myself because I don’t like overly sweet desserts.


Coconut Milk & Black Glutinous Rice (Hot) -$5.25. I surprisingly liked this ALOT. I thought this was similar to red bean soup but its not. The flavor tasted amazing. The coconut milk gave this sweetness but it’s not overly sweet. The black glutinous rice was cooked just right and had a really great texture. Phil was hoping that they have the cold version of this but the owner told us that they don’t make this cold because the texture of the black glutinous rice would become too hard and stiff and won’t have the same texture as the hot version.


Hong Kong Style French Toast with Ice Cream ($6.50). This was SO tasty. The french toast was made perfectly! It had a great crispy texture on the exterior and the interior was so soft. With the addition of the ice cream, the combination was great! If you don’t like the ice cream, you can always get regular Hong Kong Style French Toast for $4.50 instead.


Now here’s the highlight of the night. I’m not a durian fan at all but majority of the people there were, so they were all excited to see and try out the Durian Waffle Tower ($13.00)! They don’t have this on their menu just yet BUT they do have this available at the restaurant. From what I heard from other people, they thought this was an amazing dessert! Especially if you love durian!


Mango Pancake ($6.50). This was Phil’s favorite! It came with a side scoop of ice cream with mango sauce drizzled over. Each order comes with two mango pancakes. What Phil LOVE about this is that the interior, they put a huge chunk of mango in it. Alot of places include a lot of whipped cream in there and very minimal mango but this was totally different. We love how there was more mango compared to cream. We will definitely be back for more of this in the future!


They also serve shaved ice!! Its a built your own style shaved ice, so we decided to choose Matcha as our ice flavor and for our toppings we got, red bean, grass jelly & rainbow konjaku-($9.50). They have a good selection of toppings to choose from so its really up to you! The portion was huge and really worth getting this!


Before leaving, the owner remembered that she made two coconuts for us to try. The interior had two layers of different textures that are similar to a jello consistency. Not sure how she made it but it tasted great! There were a slight difference in flavor between the two layers but overall very tasty and not overly sweet!


I love how they have such a big selection of desserts here! Highly recommend checking them out.

We want to thank @chinesebites for inviting us to this tasting and @candytreedessert for making us all these delicious desserts to try 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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