Hey everyone!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Fall Season… Can we just rewind back to June and start Summer all over again?

This Summer, a new restaurant opened up on West 4th. Raisu, the sister chain restaurant of Suika, Rajio and Kingyo. The restaurant is located on the second floor so it is easily missed if you are just driving or walking by! The interior was very nice, lots of natural light and they also had balcony seating! I recommend booking ahead of time if you are planning to come dine here because they do get full fast. Especially if you want to sit in the balcony seatings. My friends and I sat at the middle bar section. I love how they had bottles and bottles of drinks as displayed above us.


For drinks, my girlfriend and I both got the Raisu Splash Lemon Sour- CRASHED FROZEN ORGANIC LEMON,LEMON SYRUP, GIN, SODA AND TONIC ($8.00). You can barely taste the alcohol and its a sweet drink. Loved this! It was refreshing and cooling!


We ordered the Tonkatsu Teishoku Meal ($18.00)– A magnificent piece of barley-fed “Omugi” Premium Pork crusted with house-made fresh coarse panko is deep-fried to perfection. Served with shredded cabbage and house special dressing on the side-  which came with a miso soup & a bowl of rice. The deep fried pork was crunchy on the outside and tasted great with the dips that were provided on the side. The sauce for the side salad tasted very tasty as well! The sesame bowl makes you grind your own to tip the pork and it was a great pairing!


Of course we had to order the Deluxe Seafood Bowl ($32.00). You guys probably seen MANY photos on instagram. This was amazing! The way how they present this dish was a piece of art! The sashimi’s were fresh and just eating the top layer itself was very filling. It was difficult to grab rice from the bottom though, since everything was on TOP of the rice.


Next up, we got the AAA Steak Teishoku ($22.00). The steak was juicy and tendor and was very delicious!


We were so happy that we got to order the Sho Ka Do Bento ($27.00). They limit 15 boxes per lunch and dinner. Below is the list of items that were in our bento box.

I thought overall it was okay. The items weren’t anything too special to me so I don’t think i’ll order this next time. It was nice to try it out once but probably won’t come here JUST for this bento box.



Last but not least, The Ocean’s Offerings ($22.00) They limit 10 per lunch and dinner. I think this was well worth and it was VERY delicious! They put together 12 different types of sushi’s in this box for you to try. Each one was very unique and I love how they shape the sushi into a square!


Overall I enjoyed pretty much everything we ordered and I would definitely go back again.

Food: 5/5

Service: 3/5

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading!

Raisu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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