Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

Hey everyone!

Phil and I love Shanghai food and we were stoked to see a new Shanghai restaurant open up in Richmond. When we got there, the exterior and interior of the restaurant was very unique! The exterior definitely gives off an Asian vibe and the interior was very well polished as well. The seating’s were very unique because they used royal blue coverings. Unfortunately, the seats look good but it was not comfortable at all. For me, it was fine but if you are heavier, like Phil, you definitely feel the bottom of the seats. His butt was sinking into the seat and he can feel the wood at the bottom.

We tried this restaurant twice. First time, it was just me and him, so we just ordered 3 dishes to try.

First off, we got the Chicken with Wine Sauce ($9.95). This was Phil’s favorite! He really enjoyed this dish because it was very flavorful! They marinated the wine sauce into the chicken very well. The only down fall for this dish was that the portion was not that big. For nearly $10.00 its pretty expensive.

Of course, we had to order their Xiao Long Bao- Juicy Pork Dumplings- (6 for $6.95). The skin is more on the thicker side and I really didn’t enjoy it that much. The soup doesn’t have much taste. You can probably get better ones elsewhere.

So when we were browsing the menu, a lot of the soup based dishes caught our eye but when the time came to ordering, we were told they were all sold out… We were pretty shocked how they ran out of the items.. so we ended up ordering the Wok Fried Nian Gao Rice Cake ($12.95). Portion was pretty small but they cooked the rice cake very well. Not a lot of places can cook it right. The flavor was also really good.

So a few days later, Phil and I returned to this restaurant with Phil’s family. Hoping this time around, we can try out the soup based dishes. But when we sat down and while ordering, we were told they do not serve soup dishes at night…. My jaw literally dropped. I was told they were sold out a few days ago and now while we were ordering we were told they don’t serve these at night…. No where on the menu indicated that NOR did they mention this before hand…The waitresses lack experience and was definitely not informative.

First up, we ordered the Pan Fried Juicy Pork Buns ($7.95). I expected there to be filled with juice but that was not the case. It barely had any juice and the flavor was lacking.


Sauteed Bamboo Shoot ($8.95). This was a very interesting dish. I usually eat bamboo shoot in my Ramen but never as an appetizer. They sprinkled sesame over it and I don’t know what sauce they used to marinate the bamboo shoot but it tastes great. I love the texture of the bamboo shoots. These are serve cold and it’s a great dish to start as an appetizer.



Sauteed Egg White with Broccoli ($20.95), are you serious?? The simplest ingredients used and it costs nearly $21.00 ….this better be the best freaking egg and broccoli I eat in my life… So apparently, Phil’s mom told me if you add vinegar into the egg white, it’s supposed to taste like lobster… So i tried it and it tastes nothing like lobster… I did not like this dish nor will i recommend ordering this at all.


Sauteed Celery, Lilly bulb, beans & lotus root ($12.95).


Smoked Duck with steamed buns ($20.95). The duck was dry, rough and I just didn’t like it at all.


Ham and Vegetable Clay pot rice ($12.95). Overall I thought it tasted pretty salty and the ingredients used were nothing special.


Mini Rice Balls in sweet glutinous rice soup ($8.95). This was such an interesting dessert. It wasn’t over sweet and I do like the texture of the rice balls. But in terms of the flavor of the soup, it was definitely not something I prefer.


There were a few other dishes that were ordered but they were nothing special so I only mentioned some of the ones that are a TAD more interesting. Overall, I thought the interior of the space looks really nice BUT the food just doesn’t live up to the level that was expected. There’s a lot of other Shanghai restaurants that are located in Richmond and I feel like they are going to have a hard time building the clientele. Competition is tough so if your food is lacking…. I don’t know how far it can go…

Food: 2.5/5

Service: 2/5

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 2.25/5

Thanks for reading

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2 thoughts on “Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

  1. Ooh I heard a lot of people talking about this place.. Too bad it was not so amazing. The egg white dish in Chinese is literally ‘Better Than Crab’ as it imitates crab meats. I never like this dish… I rather have the real crab! 🙂


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