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On Sunday, we met up with a few other foodies at Ovaltine Cafe to try out their menu! They are not located on the best spot in town but they definitely offer some big delicious plates of food! Their menu prices are beyond generous and you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this place! They’ve been on the map since 1942 and was also used as a set in many movies! No renovations have been done to this place so you are really sitting in a original classic diner!

Who doesn’t love milkshakes??? They offer chocolate, vanilla, ovaltine with bourbon & strawberry milkshake- $4.00. Insane pricing and their Strawberry Milkshake tastes like Strawberry Pocky! Highly recommend getting yourself a classic milkshake from here!

Breakfast options here are amazing!

Here, we have the Classic Eggs Benedict ($8.99) – country ham & poached eggs with side potatoes.


Classic Breakfast ($5.99) – 2 free-run eggs, natural pork sausage, bacon, country hame or grill tomatoes, potatoes & 2 slices of toast.


Blueberry Pancakes ($6.49)- 2 high. Fluffy pancakes with fresh blueberry toppings… uhm YES PLS!


Lunch options are pretty amazing here too.. here are some options available:

Fish & Chips ($9.49) – 2 piece cod, hand cut fries, tartar sauce & coleslaw. One thing I always have trouble with fish & chips, is that the batter never sticks with the fish. In this case, I was pretty surprised the battered maintained together with the fish! It has a crunchy exterior and the cod tasted great!


I’ve never seen such a colorful sandwich before… Don’t let the colors scare you because this was filled with flavor! This is the Reuben Sandwich ($8.99)- Corned beef, homemade sauerkraut, swiss cheese & house sauce.

Hand model: @bokehbites

Club Sandwich ($6.99) – sliced free-run chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onions & mayo.



House Burger ($8.99) – 1/4 pound with mushrooms, swiss cheese, haystack onion rings & mayo.


Here’s a few meals that are a BIT heavier. Heavier but VERY satisfying to say the least.

Mac & Cheese ($5.99) – white cheddar & ementhal cheese, baked. I love how they added crunched up Ketchup chips on top! It’s a clever idea because the extra crunch made it even better!


Fried Chicken Dinner ($9.99) – 2 pieces of free- run chicken with side of veggies & mashed potatoes. This was probably my favorite dish out of them all. The chicken was made to perfection. It was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Highly recommend trying this out!


Meatloaf ($8.99) served with mashed potatoes & veggies. 


Steak Frites ($11.99) – 6 oz sirloin with fries and salad.


Dessert time!

Deep fried black sesame filled glutinous balls! This was such a unique dessert! Its a family recipe that has been passed down and it absolutely WOWED me. I’ve never tried something quite like this before and I really liked it!


Last but not least, Deep fried Banana with a big scoop of strawberry ice cream!


Thank you @pork_ninjas & @ovaltinecafeyvr for inviting us to this tasting! Phil and I enjoyed everything about it!

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