Alibi Room

Hey everyone!

The heat wave has officially hit Vancouver once again and hopefully this time it remains for a bit longer than just a few days. This weekend Phil and I hit up a new brunch location located in Gastown called Alibi Room. I love how their windows are wide open so the breeze flows in and tons of natural lighting enters the space. When we got there, there were only another group in front of us so the wait wasn’t too long. Just a quick thing… their waiting area smells like a Return It depot…not the most pleasant waiting area ever, just so you know. I’m pretty sure they hold quite a night life here, hence the smell of alcohol in the waiting area.



We were given the option to sit at a regular table OR sit at the lounge chairs with a lower leveled table. Therefore, we decided to go for the lounge seatings. Not the most comfortable place to sit at if you are planning to eat. So if you have neck/back issues, i recommend going for a regular table instead.



First things first, COFFEE is a must 🙂

After a long period of waiting for our food (approximately, 40-45 minute wait..we finally got our food) To be honest, I was pretty disappointed in how long it took until our food arrived. Phil and I were both getting hangry… so we decided to ask the waiter about our order. After asking, our food arrived immediately.

Phil ordered the Strawberry French Toast ($12.00). Phil thought the whole dish, flavor wise was good but it was strange how they used a different type of bread compared to the usual bread people use for french toast. It was a harder type of bread. Good thing the syrup soften up the bread a little to make it a lot easier to eat. Also, he thought the dished cooled down so it wasn’t as fresh as he hoped.


I ordered the 3 Egg Scramble- Smoked ham, roasted peppers & red onions- served with toast & roasted potatoes ($12.00). I really enjoyed my dish. Despite the fact I was hungry and angry, I really did like this! The scrambler was well seasoned and had great flavor! The size of the dish was reasonably sized and the overall dish was very appetizing. I also liked how they added a watermelon slice on the side as well. Also, the jam that was provided was delicious. I usually don’t eat the toast, but the jam was too good to pass.


Our waiter came by after we got our food and apologized for the long wait. She talked to her manager about the situation and our meal was comped by the restaurant. They felt really bad because the kitchen was extremely slow that day and our order was held for the longest time. I really did like my dish, so I feel like I will go back for a second time to give them a second chance.

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $$

Rating: 3.25/5

Thanks for reading everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Alibi Room

  1. It was nice of them to comp the meal for the long wait time. I’m sure you still tipped the waiter well. Been watching too many Kitchen Nightmare clips and could imagine Gordon Ramsay yelling at the kitchen staff. haha

    I hear their burgers are good so planning on giving it a visit soon for their burgers.


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