Scandinave Spa

Hey everyone!!

BC stat holiday is slowly approaching so I thought I’ll talk about a spa that Phil and I have ventured off to in the previous long weekend! Scandinave Spa is located in Whistler, so if you are thinking of a mini short getaway, this may be the place for you! We stayed in Whistler for two days and on our last day there, we booked for a deep tissue massage at the Scandinave Spa. Just for your reference, there is no hotel connected to this spa. Its an individually owned spa that is located approximately a 10 minute drive away from Whistler Village.

When you first get there, there’s a welcome signage at the very front. It leads you into this short trail that eventually leads to the main entrance of the spa.



The interior was very clean and quiet. They have a very nice waiting area at the back. You can also order drinks and food while you wait for your massage or you can eat after.


Camera and cell phones were not allowed on the main premises of the spa facilities so we stored them in our lockers. I was able to capture the below shot from the eating area! Pretty awesome view! They have two hot tubs, two smaller cold tubs, a big cold pool, 2 saunas,2 steam rooms and 2 solariums. (hopefully i didn’t miscount anything) I believe one of the sauna rooms were under construction during my visit. There’s also an upper level near the side, which leads to a set of stairs, leading into a sitting area with 5-6 hammocks.

We were given a robe, 2 towels and a lock at the beginning. Within the locker room, there’s showers available for washing off after. They also have blow dryers, cotton pads, Qtips, & hand lotion.

After locking everything up, we sat at the waiting area until it was time for our massage. Because we both have coverage from work, we both booked a registered massage therapist. We both got the deep tissue massage and it was beyond amazing. The whole process was extremely relaxing. We filled out a questionnaire before the massage so the RMT knows what s/he is dealing with. After my RMT looked at my form and she noticed I hardly go for massages, she was always making sure it was the perfect pressure for me!

After the massage, we enjoyed the other facilities on site. They had signs which informs you to use the hot tub first and then go in to the cold water for 10 secs and then use either the steam or sauna room. We tried it out and it really did help! I felt wonderful after the whole experience! My usual shoulder aches were all gone and I felt so alive.

After the massage, you may stay there for as long as you want. So i recommend bringing a book so you can read and enjoy the moment! There’s also hot tea available on the side. Since there is no cellphones allowed on premises, there’s clocks everywhere for you to keep track of time.



After the massage, if you are hungry, they do have a small eating area upstairs. The items on the menu are relatively expensive considering they are the only food option you have on site!

I ordered a Chicken Pesto Sandwich for approx. $12.00. I also ordered an Americano on the side.. I believe it was approx. $3-4.00. I recommend eating a bit before coming here because the sandwich was definitely not worth it.


Anyways, thats all for today! Hope you guys have an amazing long weekend coming up!

Rating for overall: 5/5 – great atmosphere, amazing massage! will definitely come back again!

Check out their website for more info on massage rates: Scandinave Spa !



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