Porto Cafe

Hey everybody!

Coffee shops have been popping all over Vancouver for the past couple of years and there’s a new cafe that joined the category! Porto Cafe opened up not too long ago on the very end of Cambie before you hit the bridge to Downtown. We were invited by our friend @pork_ninjas to their tasting event! We were able to try out their different coffee options and also their pastries & breakfast sandwiches!

We first tried out their espresso. The espresso was categorized into three sections:

1- shot of espresso

2- crema

3-soda water

We were told the proper way of drinking espresso was to drink it in order.

Their menu is projected on the cabinet walls and their interior is very modern and chic. They have seatings facing the window out OR they have middle long wooden tables for bigger parties as well. The interior gives on a very comfortable, chill vibe. Great place to read a book or even bring your laptop to do some work!


Matcha Latte: I really enjoyed the matcha latte! It was very creamy and flavourful!


Our friend @tea.latte requested for a bear design on her coffee. How cute!


We were also served with their freshly made avocado & egg breakfast sandwich! The bun was grilled and its a great sandwich to start off your morning! They used fresh ingredients and was made on the spot of ordering!



We were also served with their prosciutto & egg breakfast sandwich! Its a hearty, warm sandwich to start off the day! Also, remember to order a cold drink to pair up with your sandwich!



These are the cold versions of the latte & Matcha latte!


It was such a neat experience to be able to test try & smell the difference between the two coffee options they had available! I’m glad we got to try out both of them side by side, otherwise it would be really hard to tell the difference! The Costa Rica coffee was more subtle and easy to drink and the Ethiopia was more exotic and flavourful! It’s interesting to try them both out and see which one you prefer. I prefer the more exotic flavour! You can purchase their coffee bags in store so you can brew and enjoy these at home!


It was such a fun tasting event and everything tasted amazing too!

It’s definitely another coffee shop on the block that is worth checking out!

Thanks for reading!

Porto Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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