Panda Market – Your Ultimate Food Guide

…to ALMOST all of the food stalls!

Hey Everyone,

So Jess and I were invited to partake in ChineseBites’ Panda Market event, which took place at none other than the Panda Market of course! Now you might be asking what is the Panda Market, but it’s actually something you (most likely) already know! It’s the night market that is located behind Home Depot, near Knight Bridge. Yes, it is now called the Panda Market, so it differentiates from the Richmond Night Market by the River Rock Casino.

We got to try foods and drinks from 22 different vendors, so grab some snacks and enjoy the ride!

Panda Market starts at 6:46

When we arrived, it was super early and the market was just starting up for the night. The parking lot was nearly empty, a definite first for me. The food aisle was just as empty!



They had some cool photo op areas at the front.



This is where we set up base with all the foodies.



Onto the food!

BBQ Squid – BBQ + Deep Fried Squid Mixed $9

This was a very filling dish full of squid that was both grilled and deep fried. I liked the deep fried variety over the bbq here, but the bbq ones were pretty good too!

Mr. Pretzels – Hot Dog 100% Beef $4.50

This was my favourite item right off the bat! The hand-rolled soft pretzel bun was so soft and fluffy, and the hotdog was very flavourful and juicy. It tasted great on its own without ketchup, which was awesome! SO DELICIOUS!!!

TW Traditional Snacks – Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken $6



This was pretty good chicken and is very comparable to the ones served at other Taiwanese restaurants in the lower mainland. Always a safe choice!

Happy Lemon – Large Passion Fruit Lemonade $6




Very tasty lemonade, and I loved the passion fruit flavour with it! This is definitely a LARGE drink as the cup is huge! For sure the best value out of their sizes as this should last you throughout the night while eating various other foods.

Xin Jiang A Fan Ti Halal BBQ – Chicken and Lamb Skewers ~$7





These skewers were very delicious! I thought both the lamb and the chicken skewers were both good, but the chicken was slightly better!

Sea Monster – Half Deep Fried Squid $6




This was literally half the squid, deep fried and stuck on two skewer sticks. I have never had something like this before so this was a very unique experience! You get to pick any sauce for free, so I picked Unagi BBQ which turned out to be AMAZING on it. The flavour on this squid was absolutely delicious, but one caveat, it is quite difficult to eat! The squid is almost impossible to break off with a fork unless you have a knife with you to cut it up, but if you’re walking around, you’ll have to take bites off of the squid as a whole, which can get quite messy. Overall a very delicious squid!

J&J Hurricane Potato Fries – Hurricane Potato Fries $4.50



You can pick the powder flavour on here, so I picked sour cream and onion. Pretty good hurricane potato, and it was readily available!

Pie Pie Okonomiyaki – Chicken Okonomiyaki $6


This was a very delicious chicken okonomiyaki! It was nicely cut into 4 slices for us to share, which was perfect! Easy to eat and very satisfying.

It’s Toasty – French Toast $4

I loved this french toast! It was very soft and fluffy on the inside, and the small size of each piece was perfect for eating on the go.

The food thus far:



Cocoro – Deep Fried Oreo $6



I love oreos but I’ve never had them deep fried, and this was actually very good! The cookie was soft inside the batter, and it was just so enjoyable to eat. It doesn’t get too dry surprisingly, and just writing about it now is making me crave it!

Totoro Bubble Tea – Peach Green Tea $5



Very good peach green tea! Safe pick and can’t go wrong!

Top Dough – Chimney Cake $7




We were in a group of 4, so it was quite difficult to share this dessert, but it was very tasty! I loved the fresh cream inside and the chimney cake on the outside was nice and fluffy. The inside was lined with Nutella, so you know it’s going to be good!

Ying Kee – Bubble Waffle (Original Flavour) $4.50

Bubble waffles of various flavours are available here. We went with the good ole original flavour!

Orr Street – Lychee Green Tea $5



I loved this drink! I don’t think I’ve ever had lychee green tea before, but it will now be one of my go to drinks, if other places make it as good as Orr Street does here. Refreshing!

Be Fabulous – Vendor’s Choice – Layered Roti

The curry sauce for this roti was quite spicy, so if you’re into spicy foods, this is a good pick!

Twist Potato, Korean Waffles – 1 Twist Potato $4.50 and 1 Korean Waffle $1.50



The Korean waffle was very interesting as it was custard filled. It was hard to share that one but we managed! Pretty good! The twist potato was pretty good as well. Can’t go wrong with this safe pick!

Shake Shake – Watermelon Drink $6



Definitely one of the coolest drinks I’ve had! They have something in a larger separate cup at the bottom that emits vapour, which escapes out the sides of the cup via poked holes, while the water melon drink is in a smaller cup sitting inside the larger one. Also comes with a skewer of watermelon cubes, and I LOVE watermelon so this was a WIN!

Cheese Tarts – 2 Cheese Tarts $5


We had the cheese tarts and also the lavender tarts, both of which were very good and unique! Definitely a must try here!

Shanghai Special – Pork Schnitzel $5


This was basically a pork cutlet, shanghai style. Not bad, but quite small.

Mini Donuts – 1 Dozen Mini Donuts $5

These mini donuts were very delicious! You could pick from a few flavours so we went with birthday cake and chocolate. Very enjoyable!

Mangoholic – House Mango Shaved Ice $6.50



The mango here tasted very fresh and the whole dessert overall was just very delicious! The mango sauce flavoured up the shaved ice nicely and the vanilla icecream topped it off perfectly. Quite comparable to Mango Yummy!



That’s all folks, whew! Now go out there, try them out, and let us know what you think!

Huge thanks to ChineseBites for the invite to this fun and awesome event! Had a ton of fun hanging out with our group partner heartfood_yvr and thanks for being the hand model in some of the pictures! Be sure to follow us for more exciting events like this in the near future!

Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!

– Phil

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