ZEN Foot Reflexology & Body Massage

Hey everyone,

Hope you all been liking our new layout for our blog! With the new layout, we hope to expand out of just “food” blog posts and branch out into other topics, such as electronic reviews, hotel reviews, massage reviews, etc… To start off this new idea, I’ve decided to blog about a very bad experience I’ve encountered a few days ago at Zen Foot Massage. During the weekend, my friend and I decided to go for a long hike.. and when I say “long”, I mean 4 hours! It was relatively an easy hike but the trail was just extremely long. We went to Buntzen Lake in Anmore, BC. After such a long hike, we decided to pamper ourselves and decided to go for a foot massage. With so many foot massage places within Vancouver, we decided to go on Yelp and search up the ones with positive reviews! We came across Zen and decided to give them a try!



At first glance, the place was quiet, clean and the chairs seem very comfortable! I had high hopes for this place just by looking at it! But when it finally came down to the foot massage, I was highly disappointed and this is why..

First off, the lady who was helping me was the receptionist and apparently they were short staffed on that day so she had to make phone calls and texts at the beginning of my foot massage. It was extremely gross to see her touch my feet and touch her two phones at the same time. While she was using her phone, she was using one hand to massage my feet. With her one hand, she was basically not doing anything but pressing down on one spot of my feet until she was done using her phone. She then had moments within my massage hour, excused herself to do other tasks. I find it extremely rude and waste of my hour that was meant for me to relax. It was highly unprofessional and I would never come back again.

The next day, the lady saw my negative review on Yelp and decides to message me and tells me it was because they were short staffed on the day of. To be honest, that is no excuse. On the day of, we called in advance to make sure they had room for me and my friend. If they were short staffed, they can let us know and we would try them out another time. If a place is good, I would go back again. But since they were so unprofessional, there will for sure NOT be a next time.

Also, during the process, my friend was complaining how her foot massage therapists was pressing extremely hard so she told him. The next day, my friend msgs me and tells me her feet got a huge bruise.


Rating: 0/5

Will never come back here again.

Thanks for reading



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