Deutsches Haus at the Vancouver Alpen Club

Hey everyone!

Fathers Day just past by and this year we decided to ditch the usual dim sum idea and ventured out to a German Restaurant located on Victoria Drive. From the exterior of the building, I would never expect this place to be popular! They have a front and back entrance and also two sided parking! This place is big enough to host wedding events and parties! When we arrived, there were plenty of tables available but majority were reserved. Eventually, the place was packed full of people.





My brother recommended the Schnitzel entree’s because apparently it is well known for German food. Therefore, 4 out of 5 of us decided to listen to my brother and ordered all Schnitzel’s. My dad arrived late so he missed the whole recommendation from him, so he ended up ordering the Bavarian Pork Hock ($25.00). When it arrived, we were shock at the huge portion! It was legit filled with meat! It came with pan-fried potatoes and sauerkraut (cabbage that has been pickled in brine). None of us liked the sauerkraut, the flavor just didn’t taste right to us. The pan-fried potatoes didn’t have enough seasoning to them. But overall the Pork Hock was the best dish on the table! It was tender, juicy and flavorful!


Mil ordered the Jagerschnitzel ($18.50)- served with mushroom gravy sauce, red cabbage & spaetzle. Spaetzel are egg noodles, but my bro was pretty disappointed because it was flavorless and the red cabbage was very sour. At first they forgot about his mushroom gravy sauce, so at the beginning he just ate the pork plain until he noticed he was forgetting the sauce..


My mom and I both decided to get the Schnitzel “Vienna Style” ($16.50)- served with cranberry sauce, pan fried potatoes and salad. Like i said previously, the pan fried potatoes were under seasoned and dry. The pork itself was very plain and without the cranberry sauce, it would’ve been very dry. The portion overall was huge tho! Overall it looked amazing but I feel like everything was lacking flavor.



Mel ordered the Schnitzel Bearnaise- served with small potato croquets & seasonal veggies ($18.50). Overall he loved his dish. I forgot to take a picture of his food, but its basically the one in the upper left corner in the photo below!


Service: 2/5 – Service was SLOW. In the beginning it wasn’t even packed full yet and they were already slow. Near the end of our meal, everything just took forever. From getting a box to pack our leftovers to getting our bill at the very end. They had 3-4 people on the floor and we feel like it was extremely difficult to get their attention.

Food: 2/5 – Overall the portions were huge but I think it really depends on your taste. The prices here are not cheap too so I don’t think I would go back. Overall the food was just lacking flavor and I tried my brothers sides and none of them were that great. The only thing that I felt like it was AMAZING, was the Pork Hock that my dad ordered. But his dish was $25.00… which is extremely pricey as a lunch dish.

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 2/5

Thanks for reading!

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