Master Hung BBQ Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

So this is a place that I’ve been going to from time to time with my colleagues for lunch whenever we’re in the area (and sometimes even when we’re not!). They are very popular and seem to be the go to spot for tradesmen of all sorts. It’s possible to get a table here for lunch without a reservation, but next to impossible for dinner. ALWAYS make a reso if you plan to have dinner here, otherwise don’t even bother going!


Their parking lot is quite small, so parking might be tricky, but all this trouble is all worth it in the end!


Here’s the part of their menu that we always order from for lunch:


This is their lunch special menu, and every item on here comes with their house special soup, which is AMAZING!


It may not look like much, but this soup is delicious! It’s a savoury soup with pork, radishes, and other veggies. You can get refills of this too, but for some reason, the refills always taste less flavourful than the first bowl…

This time around we went with our safe go-to picks.

Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice $10.00.


This is a classic dish that you can’t go wrong with here. The sweet and sour pork is nice and flavourful, and the pork is cooked nice and tender inside. There’s a good amount of sauce with this dish to flavour up all the rice that they give you. The rice itself is pretty good rice too, as opposed to some of the super hard and overcooked rice that some places serve. It’s at just the right amount of softness and moisture level. Great dish!

We also got the Three Kinds of BBQ Meat on Rice $11.50.


Master Hung has great bbq meats, and it is definitely a must order every time we dine here. We picked BBQ duck, Roasted Pork, and BBQ Pork (that’s in order of top to bottom in the picture). The duck was nice and juicy, full of flavour on its own, but we still dip the plum sauce provided as it makes it taste that much better. The sauce they give you is a nice mix of plum sauce and hoisin sauce. I like to dip it right down the middle to get the best of both worlds! The roasted pork has very tender meat, with very crispy skin, but not overly hard to the point of being unchewable. BBQ pork was a good mix of fatty and lean parts, which is exactly how I like it. Some places get you cuts that are full lean, which ends up being too dry and not flavourful, and others get you a whole bunch of tendon and fatty bits, which is not worth eating. It may be luck of the draw, but I’ve always had great cuts of BBQ pork when I dine at Master Hung.


Service here is not bad for a Chinese restaurant. It’s not too big of a restaurant, so getting service isn’t too difficult, despite how busy they are. Seating isn’t overly squished either, so it’s very comfortable to dine here. Always a great experience coming to Master Hung.

Overall this is a great restaurant. The food is awesome, soup is awesome, prices are fair, and service is pretty decent. I don’t have any complaints here and I would highly recommend everyone to check out this restaurant if you haven’t already. Even if you have been here, give it another visit as you and I both know it’s well worth the drive, even if you’re not from Richmond!

Food: 5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall: 4.25/5

Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!

– Phil

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