Whiskey Six BBQ

Hey everyone!

As you may all know, the new McArthurGlen Vancouver Outlet is officially opened near the YVR airport. It is only a few minutes away from the Templeton Skytrain Station and it is accessible to anyone who can hop on a skytrain. Parking near opening days were hectic. Cars everywhere in all directions, therefore they had people directing cars within the parking lot. I went with my brother last week again and there were still people directing even though there’s not as many cars as before.

The first week of opening, I went exploring with Phil and a few of his friends. My thoughts on the outlet: I really like the style of the overall design. Makes me feel like I’m on vacation even though we are still within Vancouver. The advertisements threw me off by saying it is a designer outlet because when I got there, there were barely any designer brands. I was told phase 2 will carry more luxury brands which will complete in 2017.

A section of the outlet has this big open area where it carries a lot of different food vendors. There were food trucks outside but I was leaning towards trying the ones indoor. I came across this food vendor called Whiskey Six BBQ. They only had two options on their menu, which was either their Beef Brisket or Fresh Tomato.

I went with the Organic Beef Brisket ($10.00). The baguette was very hard so it was very difficult to bite, the beef brisket had great flavor and the portion was great. Even though the beef brisket tasted great I think it was lacking a bit of sauce. I like how they served up side chips rather than fries. I feel like the value charged for the beef brisket was a bit much for what it is and it didn’t come with a side drink.


Service: N/A

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5


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