Oysi Oysi Restaurant

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, me and Phil went to Oysi Oysi in Downtown for dinner because I bought a Groupon voucher for $25.00 worth of food. This place reminds me of Kamei Royale because the menu has a lot of variety and options to choose from.

I recommend taking transit to this restaurant just because parking is extremely hard. The restaurant is located right on Alberni and this street is 90% packed with cars during dinner hours.

When we first entered, the restaurant is like any other Japanese restaurant. Neutral color panel with Japanese decorations. We were greeted in Japanese by the store front manager. From the tone of the managers voice, he didn’t really sound Japanese to me, but I wouldn’t be surprise because for most Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, it’s either owned by Koreans or Chinese.

We ordered the Toro & Toro Sashimi plate ($11.95)
Overall, it tasted fresh and delicious!

Next, we got the Tobiko Tuna Batera ($10.95)
We ordered this because it was one of the feature photos on the menu and it looked pretty tasty. I thought this was rather plain and not enough sauce and flavor to give it dimension. The tuna within the sushi reminded me of canned tuna. Overall, I was rather disappointed with this dish and would probably not order this again.

Last but not least, we got the Black cod ($9.95). Now if you read my post on Kamei Royale, you’ll know that I LOVE their black cod. So we had to get it at Oysi Oysi to compare.

Now the one from Kamei Royale was a lot bigger and costed more, that’s why there’s a difference between the two. The Oysi Oysi black cod was extremely soft and smooth. Overall it was cooked very nice but it was lacking flavor.

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3/5


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