Hey everyone!

It has been too long since I last blogged…. you guys are probably wondering what happened..so..after my last post on this particular blog site, I went along to sign up with godaddy, hoping to create a more professional site for my food blog. But despite the effort and time I had placed into the new site, it was extremely hard to manage due to the format. It was not meant for bloggers and it was difficult to continue. Also, because of my overloaded scheduling it became really hard to find time to blog at all. But I really miss blogging and sharing my opinions with you all so I decided to come back and blog again. In order to promise continuous blog posts, I don’t want to rely all on me since I am back in school and currently have three part time jobs. So in order to keep my promise to all my readers, I have asked my boyfriend to join in on my blog. For the most part, he’s the one going out with me trying new restaurants, so he would the perfect candidate for this position. I already have several restaurants lining up to be posted! So hang on tight, because all you food lovers out there will drool all over your desktops after seeing all the delicious photos!

peace out for now food lovers 🙂


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