DD Mau

Who loves Viet Subs?! If you do, then this place will shoot your tastebuds to heaven..! lol

I went in February when vaneats.ca had a voucher to this place. I saw many positive reviews on this place so I decided to go try it out with limmerZ. The staff were extremely friendly, especially the brother and sister who works there. The interior of the place is very modern, definitely not a typical viet place.

Our vouchers came with drinks, so we both got the honeydew smoothie. Extremely flavourful and I’m usually not a smoothie type of person but this was so good! The other option was the avocado smoothie, but I thought honeydew would taste a lot better.

limmerZ & I both got half a lemongrass chicken viet sub & half roasted pork viet sub. The lemongrass chicken was SUPER DELICIOUS! I love it soooo much!!! I highly recommend the chicken viet sub. On the other hand, the roasted pork was not that great….but what can I really say… I was not a big roasted pork fan at the beginning. The subs there are made fresh and super flavourful, also the workers there are very helpful and friendly.

I highly recommend this place!



Price: $

Overall Rating: 


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