Marble Slab Creamery

Who doesn’t like ICE CREAM?!

I don’t have a major sweet tooth but from time to time I’ll be craving for some ice-cream. It’s right on Broadway near Cambie and it’s very convenient to get to by transit. The interior gives off this vibe of a very happy, jolly place and it just makes me very happy and excited when I walk in. They don’t have too many options for ice-cream but one thing I like is the mix in. You can choose any mix-in item on the side (ex. coffee crisp, m&m’s) to be mixed in with your option of flavored ice-cream. I wouldn’t recommend driving down there because it is pay parking along the streets and it’s usually packed. Try taking the Canada Line; it’ll save you guys some gas money! 

I like the fact how they have options like low-fat yogurt. For people who are trying to maintain their diet and stay healthy, they can still venture out to ice-cream shops and enjoy a night out eating sweet stuff.

The price for a Small cone ($4.69), Medium ($5.49), Large ($6.49) with one mix-in. Additional mix-in’s cost $0.79 

We just stuck with the small cones and I got the Low fat yogurt with coffee crisp.
I was not a big fan of the low fat yogurt. I still prefer my Vanilla 😛

limmerZ got the Chocolate Hazelnut Craze, which is basically chocolate hazelnut ice-cream with chocolate chips, marshmallows and a fudge drizzle. 




Overall Rating:


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