UPDATE: Rating System

Hello everyone, 

I’ve been informed by several peeps about my rating system to be confusing. They see different restaurants with the same ratings and expect them to be the same type of quality based on that rating, and they were confused by the fact that some places may be better than others so they should not be rated the same. 


2/5  Barely served 
3/5  Average customer service
4/5  Well-served
5/5  INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE 😀 (definitely deserves a good tip!)


1/5  this should not be considered as food
2/5  horrible food, will not return
3/5  pretty avg (ate better elsewhere but not terrible)
4/5  good food, very enjoyable
5/5  My tastebuds were in HEAVEN 0:P Definitely will go again & again & AGAIN!!


$  10 bucks & BELOW
$$  10-20 bucks
$$$  20-30 bucks
$$$$ 30-40 bucks
$$$$$  40 bucks & ABOVE

Pls be informed that I do NOT compare restaurants. I base my rating on their SERVICE & FOOD. Everything I base is upon my rating system which is listed above. I do not tend to give a restaurant a low rating value just because they had a very poor status on Urbanspoon or whatsoever. Each rating is from my own true opinion and is averaged out from the rating between service and food which concludes to an overall rating. 

I guess many people don’t really read the rating system but I’ll post it here 🙂



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