100% Healthy Dessert

Other than always going for cheesecake or icecream for dessert, this place is a good option. From waffles to Asian sweet soups, their menu is really beyond what you expect at a cake shop or what not. This place is located right across from Richmond public market. They don’t have much parking spots because there are  restaurants right next to it and it’s usually pretty busy. But, if you go at night there is usually more spots available.

The interior is nothing fancy and you can tell that the tables and chairs are pretty old. The few times I’ve been there it was never really packed and it seems pretty empty with only 1 or 2 tables taken.

limmerZ ordered the Red Bean Sweet Soup w/ Black Sticky Rice ($4.95). You can either get it hot or cold, limmerZ got it cold. 

I got the Stewed Almond & Fungus w/ Pear ($4.95). I loveee this! It’s hard to explain how it tastes like but you guys should seriously try this out if you guys get a chance!




Overall Rating:


100% Healthy Dessert 百分百甜品 on Urbanspoon


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