Food Court Corner- VINA Vietnamese

 Vina has been around for quite some time but I’ve never taken the time to give it a try. Finally I’ve decided to give this place a go, the food was average and for what it is worth I think it is definitely over priced. They have several locations in malls and according to my mom apparently they have an actual restaurant in Downtown but that was from LONG time ago so I don’t know if that still exists. I went to the Oakridge Mall location which is located in the food court. Depends on what hours you go it may be super busy or not so much. I went during lunch time so it was pretty busy overall at the food court. Parking at Oakridge is easy because they have a pretty big parking lot either outside or underground. The only trouble you’ll be having during lunch time is searching for a table at the food court. 

I ordered the lemon grass chicken with spring roll and salad. (Around 7 dollars) This meal does not include a drink so I had to purchase a Nestea on the side for an extra dollar. So in total I spend around 8 to 9 dollars there including tax. At first I expected the portion to be a bit bigger since in their pictures it looks huge. When I got it the chicken weren’t that big and it was quite disappointing since I love my chicken. The only good part about the chicken is that they provided the vinegar sauce that I love from Vietnamese restaurants so the plain chicken was still bearable. I rather go to an actual Vietnamese restaurant then eat this at the food court. At least at a restaurant the portions are a lot bigger (depending where you go) and also it’ll be around the same price.




Overall Rating:


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